What is barbie about? Everything we know about the Greta Gerwig movie with Margot Robbie

After The Great Lego Adventure – 96% and the endless Transformers sequels – 57%, in addition to documentary seasons such as The toys they made usIt’s hard to believe that Barbie, one of the most famous toys in the world, hasn’t had a big presence on the big screen. Sure, the doll has had many adventures in movies and animated series, but they’ve only made it to streaming, regular TV, or home video formats. Finally, thanks to the collaboration of director Greta Gerwig and co-writer Noah Baumbach, it will hit theaters in style, with a live-action adaptation that continues to generate news.

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Mattel Films announced in July 2019, the year it celebrated its 60th anniversary, that along with Warner Bros. will take care of bringing the famous doll to the big screen with a live story. At the time, only Gerwig and Baumbach were confirmed as the authors of this curious adaptation, which generated much anticipation and comment. After some time, it was confirmed that the director of Little Women – 94% will be in charge of the project, from which it was also revealed at the time that actress Margot Robbie will bring the titular character to life.

Ryan Gosling will play Ken, the doll that appeared as a Barbie counterpart and was introduced two years after the doll. Thus, the duo composed of Robbie and Gosling attracted the attention of locals and strangers alike from the announcement itself to whenever pictures of the two were discovered during the production’s outdoor shoot. The colorful outfits attract a lot of attention, but what can pique the curiosity of the audience the most is to know how the director will handle it and what story is proposed in the film.

Robbie is also producing the film through his company LuckyChap Entertainment, while Mattel Films and HeyDay Films are in charge of producing the film, which will be distributed by Warner Bros. This will be the best opportunity to see the potential of the film Popular Doll in other media; Barbie is not just anything, nor is it just a famous doll: in fact, it is Mattel’s most popular toy line and more than a billion dolls have been sold, which has also brought the company great profits in a way that their others have not achieved properties.

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One of the main details of the film is that, as everyone knows, Barbie began as a product that sought to reach girls and continues to do so with its new versions. Although it is becoming more mainstream and there are even collector’s editions that are clearly not aimed at girls, it is very much a brand that is associated with children. So, will your film be a story that seeks to reach only this audience? We’d think not, but this is a great time to go back to a statement about Margot Robbie a fashionwhere he talks about the doll’s legacy and the film’s focus:

It comes with a lot of baggage and a lot of nostalgic ties, but with that comes a lot of exciting ways to approach it. People usually listen to “Barbie” and think, “I know what this movie is going to be,” and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, “Oh, well, maybe not.”

Before Greta Gerwig, there was Amy Schumer and Diablo Cody, the Oscar-winning screenwriter for Juno

It is clear to us that in order to take Barbie to the cinema, the best screenwriters are sought. As Robbie said at the time, it’s easy for many to scoff or think they know what a movie is going to be until they hear the name of who will write and direct it. In this case, many doubt the production due to those associated with the project, but it is possible that very few remember that for several years attempts were made to transfer the main character to the cinema without success. In 2019, Robbie took the reins and arrived with Gerwig and Baumbach, but before they came on board, screenwriter Diablo Cody was responsible for rewriting Sex and the City screenwriter Jenny Bix’s script in 2014. At the time, the story was from Sony according to what was reported by the magazine U. Then in 2016, Amy Schumer helmed the project with a new writer, but at the time she said she dropped out to work on a film she would have starred in herself. He later admitted that he had creative differences with the studio and therefore quit; she came close to playing the character as well as co-writing.

His cast is incredible and there will be surprises

At least as far as names are concerned, the Barbie movie has a cast that can work like a magnet to draw viewers to the theaters. The fact that there are characters from movies like Me, Tonya – 96%, Scandal – 79%, La La Land: A Love Story – 92% and Diary of a Passion – 52% is already enough to gain the curiosity of many. However, the production also stars Simu Liu, Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Alexandra Shipp, Emma Mackie, Michael Cera and Nkuti Gatwa according to New York Times. but the tabloid The sun went further by announcing that we should expect appearances from other personalities like Dua Lipa.

They say he has the best screenplay ever written.

In an interview for magazine GQ, Simu Liu He said that he came to the film not only because of his audition, but his agent’s insistence drew his attention, as he had no idea that this film was being made with Greta Gerwig, so he also didn’t know any details about the project. There he said that his agent spoke of the film as something very special and even ventured to say that it was the only script he would bet his career on:

He literally said it word for word. He said: “If I could bet my career on one script, it’s the Barbie script.” I really think you should.

It was a hunch from Simu Liu’s agent that drew the actor to this adaptation, and whenever he was asked about it, he often described the film as “crazy” and “totally unique.” Each time it’s confirmed that what Gerwig and Baumbach do will be something unexpected and great.

premiere date

The first live-action Barbie movie will hit theaters on July 21, 2023, if the studio’s plans go ahead intact.

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