This iOS 16 wallpaper changed the way I use my iPhone (and Apple Watch) forever

iOS 16 has only been officially here for a few days. And I had the beta installed for almost a few days. It’s a short time, yes, but it’s long enough for me to say it I found my new favorite lock screen. Although this is something that goes much further because it changes the way I use my iPhone. And also my Apple Watch.

Time: finally an animated lock screen in iOS 16

The new iOS 16 lock screen is amazing. This is a new functionality that allows the user to customize the iPhone much more according to their preferences than was possible before. It is undoubtedly one of the the most notable iOS 16 news. However, it wasn’t until a few hours later that I started messing (slightly) with it.

Once you get the hang of it, you risk browsing through the various options, settings, mods, widgets, and animated backgrounds until you lose track of time. And that’s something that Haven’t had this happen to me in a long time with iOS. It was in one of these explorations that I came across Weather, a type of lock screen that immediately caught my attention.

Some of the necessary steps to change our lock screen in iOS 16.

I’m not usually a big fan of iPhone customization, but this lock screen caught my attention because of its usefulness. What we see in her is weather wallpaper, with several widgets related to this theme already included. This is an advantage because the system doesn’t force you to create a lock screen from scratch, rather you have a predefined one that you can change to your liking.

It’s very convenient to pick and place it as it is. And then, over time, change here and there one thing or another. In fact, that’s exactly what I did these days. As the weeks go by, we’ll tweak this lock screen until we get it to our liking.

Inspired by the Apple Watch to steal our attention

apple watch face

I’ve always seen iPhone widgets as useful but unnecessary for those of us who own an Apple Watch. There wasn’t weather widget, calendar, activity and others that I could not have as a complication in one of my few spheres. I find it much more convenient to twist my wrist than to unlock the iPhone and see the widget.

This new lock screen changed everything. Forever.

During this time of using iOS 16, I noticed a few changes in my habits. First of all, I am leaving my apple watch to charge or without setting more occasions than usual. Until now, I’ve taken my watch off when it’s time for the girls to bathe and let it charge until I go to bed. Now I find other times of the day when I take the watch off and let it charge or I just don’t wear it, like after a shower.

iphone ios 16

One of the functions I have used the Apple Watch for is to know at all times the temperature and the weather. In fact, it’s not the only one that sees the time, controls the music in the living room, checks my activity or just I admire sundial are other useful features I find in Apple Watch. Now, with this lock screen that’s like always having the Weather app open, I find it more convenient to tap the iPhone to know at a glance.

Weather puts the weather app on our lock screen. If it is raining outside, we will see clouds and drops. It’s like having a window to the street on top of the table

The second derivative of is this: Using less complications on the Apple Watch, I orbit more around other simpler watch faces, less functional and why not, beautiful. Part of the fun of the Apple Watch experience is this: wearing something we just love. And now, thanks to iOS 16’s new lock screen, I’m exploring other possibilities on the watch.

First hours with iOS 16: iPhone feels fresh with huge news and a bug-free experience

After all, Apple devices compete with each other to see who does what best. And that makes them better. So iPhone gets these improvements on your lock screen encourages the Apple Watch to look beyond its usual functions. Maybe now we’ll see more spheres designed just to be displayed.

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