They analyzed programs targeting children and youth from Willa in the third Social Policy Council

The status of programs that serve the well-being of boys, girls, adolescents, and young adults in terms of building better human beings, coverage, and advancement in care were the topics discussed.


Neiva, September 28, 2022 With the participation of the various dependents of the Villa government, such as the Secretaries of Education, Culture, Finance, Planning, Government, Health, Agriculture, Aguas del Villa, Office of Social Affairs, among others , others, as well as with the presence of the ICBF, SENA and the Children’s Police, the third Departmental Council for Social Policy was held, which was chaired by the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and responsible manager, Andres Mauricio Muñoz Leguizamo.

The Office of Social Affairs, led by the engineer Claudia Marcela Maya Perdomo, explained the details and scope of the “I decide to be better” strategy, which trains young people in social-emotional skills and family; A participatory school where students and teachers work on life skills; Neighborhood Leaders (Citizen Coexistence Schools) where government, education, health are articulated. Here it was identified that the OPC (Office for Productivity and Competitiveness) could be much more involved with these programs to include soft skills with Plans for Life as well as SENA, ICBF and the Children’s Police.

“On this occasion, we touch on two topics, one developed around the strategy “I decide to be better”, which is not only related to the formation of being, but we have included important aspects such as recreation, entrepreneurship, health, especially mental health. In this strategy, all government agencies are involved, and part of the conclusion of this council is that other entities such as the Sena, ICBF, the police can participate in this strategy of the government of Huila Crece,” said Claudia Maya.

“And the other topic developed was that of providing the PAE service, the School Feeding Program, to about 117,000 characterized boys and girls, with the consent of their parents, within the 120,000 who are registered with SIMAT (tuition system) in the official educational institutions on the territory of the department. We will continue to work with the Ministry of Education to correct this small gap, to reach them, with a commitment from their parents, or close financially with those who are enrolled and then talk about 100% PAE coverage “, he added.

From an educational point of view, the head of this department emphasized the importance of this third Social Policy Council, which clearly showed that the central axis is the welfare of children, adolescents and young people as a missionary factor of the government.

“We are meeting with the institutions in this third Social Policy Council, where we are analyzing the ‘I decide to be better’ programme, which is run by the Social Affairs Office and also by the Department of Education with the ‘Being for Doing’ strategy.” Together, they reveal important public policies of the “Huila Crece” government that point to the well-being of children and adolescents in the department,” said Milena Oliveros Crespo, Secretary of Education of Huila.

“The girl, a representative of the students, accompanied us and this is a message to all the homes and families of Huila and it is that for us minors are very important in our government missionary work,” the official stressed.

Participant reactions

Luz Elena Gutierrez, ICBF Regional Director

“We are dealing with a very important matter, which is the development of a project coordinated by the government of Huila and which is related to the improvement of the lives of citizens in the territory of the department, where we will exchange actions between different institutions of the department. We have always been very involved and have worked closely with the Departmental Government, we are strategic allies and our commitment is to continue to develop programs that benefit children, adolescents and young people in the Territory.”

Valentina Soto, member of the departmental youth council

“We worked on two very important issues for the youth of Huila. The first is a strategy that will allow the formation of being in young people, promoting their potential, covering this population not only in the academic field, but also in other characteristics and tasks of young people. The other topic was PAE, School Feeding Program, where the process of food preparation and delivery in the department’s educational establishments was explained with a coverage of 95%. These are matters that must be known to the youth of Willa”.

Juan Pablo Soto, president of the Department’s Planning Board

“These were very important questions about what does and doesn’t affect health policies. We also touch on issues like PAE that benefit thousands of children in Willa. Therefore, it is important that the civilian population is aware of all the social programs that are being developed by the government and especially for children and young people. It is our duty to ensure that these programs reach all corners of Willa.

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