These are the new physical requirements to enter Police GEO

General Directorate of Police intends to fill 17 vacant positions in Special Operations Group (GEO) with candidates passing the demanding entry course to specialize in this elite unit, where each candidate’s physical endurance, mental capacity, sacrifice, perseverance and teamwork are put to the test. There will be two novelties compared to the previous call: four more places will be tendered, and the physical fitness tests and grades to be achieved to access the aforementioned training will be slightly modified.

The Police Board on September 30 approved the drafts of the Specific Merit Competitions for the awarding of posts in both the Department of Family and Women Welfare (UFAM) and GEO. Invitations will now have to be published in the general way so that interested agents can submit their applications, usually within 15 working days.

The last group of police officers to put on their brown berets and take up their positions in the Special Operations Group did so in early 2021, months before some of them were released on an important mission: the evacuation in Kabul of both personnel, diplomats and and Afghan collaborators and their families. They were the 12 agents who passed the XXX specialization course, which began before the pandemic was announced and which had to be interrupted for several months due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. One of the advertised positions was left vacant, giving an idea of ​​the rigor of the selection process.

In order to have access to the said training, candidates had to be suitable in advance – in that order – both in terms of physical and psycho-technical abilities and in a personal interview in which the attitude and professional profile of each candidate is assessed.

There are three qualifying tests that ease the number of officials who begin the training course, which lasts 30 academic weeks and includes exercises as physically and mentally demanding as a few hours’ predawn soak in the river at freezing temperatures. Tahoe Decidesis one of the expressions coined by instructor Pelayo Gayol as heard in the documentary series GEO. Beyond the limit (Amazon Prime).

The physical fitness tests that the candidates who are now being selected for the posts in the competition will have to undergo are slightly different from those that the 240 recruits called by the Training and Development Department passed on January 21, 2020 – including four women specially assigned to Alicante, Melilla, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Seville – in the facilities of the National Police School.

Trademarks required in the 2019 call

So, the proof of endurance It ranges from 8,000 to 3,000 meters, a distance to be covered in a maximum time of 12 minutes. This would allow three points to be obtained, the minimum qualification required for each of the four exercises to be able to proceed to the psychotechnical. If done in less than 11 minutes, the score is seven points, the maximum possible.

in the swimming (50m freestyle), his score is slightly more favorable to the candidates than last time. Specifically, it varies between 50 seconds (three points) and 31 (seven points), compared to the 40 and 28 seconds the fork oscillated at the 2020 event.

In the exercise of vertical jumpconsisting of a jump from a distance of 20 centimeters from a wall with a fully extended arm, raises the bar two centimeters – from 53 to 55 centimeters (at the bottom) and from 61 to 63 centimeters (at the top) – and at the top dominated (palms back or forward with free grip position) two less are needed for the minimum score (10 instead of 12) and at least two more (16 to 18) for the highest score. The speed and agility course, which had to be completed in no more than 11.2 seconds, was removed.

The trademarks required in the 2022 invitation

In the draft basics of the XXXI GEO access specialization course, which was submitted to the Police Board for approval late last month, a test that was not carried out in the previous call was included: Upper Body Strength Reps 70 lbs, with a minimum of eight (three points). As this newspaper has learned, that exercise has finally been abolished.

The police will announce 17 GEO vacancies, four more than the previous call

Established in the late 1970s, the Special Operations Group is the only specialized unit of the National Police whose operational division there are currently no women appointed (yes in support), a gender that today represents 16.78% of the Corps’ officers. Pedro Sánchez’s government is promoting affirmative action measures – such as removing the minimum height requirement and removing barriers to access during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period – with the aim of women accounting for at least 40% of income gains before 2030 .

“The full inclusion of women in the security forces will create more efficient, fairer and tighter police organizations and this will naturally lead to more just, peaceful and prosperous societies,” defended Minister Grande-Marlasca. This requires initiatives that guarantee an “irrevocable” principle: “true and effective equality of women and men” in both the National Police and the Civil Guard.

In order to be declared fit for the physical fitness exercises of the next invitation, applicants for the GEO course will need to obtain a minimum score of 20 points, having achieved at least three in each of the four tests described above. Only those who have passed this bar will be able to present themselves to the psychotechniques in which the capabilities of this police specialty are measured.

The personal interview screen

The final check is the personal interview, which aims to assess the attitudes and professional profile of the candidates. “Taking as a guide the characteristics of the job to which a person aspires, in order to contrast the data obtained during the process and to be able to determine the suitability or not of the candidate to perform the functions of the job,” he details the draft of the basics.

Officials who are declared fit will have a score which is the result of adding the average value of the physical tests (between 5 and 7 points) and that of the psychotechnical tests (between zero and 10 points). This also does not guarantee a place on the specialization course, as due to logistical constraints a cut-off may be set and employees who have completed all exercises may be omitted.

Agents who pass the specialization course and receive a position in the Special Operations Group must spend three continuous years in the operations department of that unit. After this period of time, they must pass the confirmation tests, valid for two years. And so on, as happens in Police Intervention Units (UIP).

Headed since the beginning of this year by the Aragonese Commissioner Luis J. Esteban Lezáun, the GEO is the unit of the National Corps responsible for carrying out the most involved police operations, such as interventions in robberies, kidnappings or anti-terrorist missions. One of the relevant actions carried out in 2022 was the evacuation of the Spanish from Kyiv after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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