The Minions and 9 other very funny animated movie sagas to watch on streaming

With “Minions: Origins of Gru” triumphing at the billboard, we have a perfect example that in the face of summer, light films, in which more importance is given to humor, triumph. We offer you a few perfect animated sagas to combat those moments of summer heat where you just want to throw yourself on the sofa and laugh with cute characters. Fun for kids and adults.

“Damned Me” and “Minions”

If the appearance of these little yellow guys and their mini boss made you smile and you haven’t yet dared to try the rest of the saga, you can’t miss it the evil plan of this villain in which three charming girls end up crossing paths. The trilogy has more sugar than its spin-off, but it’s just as enjoyable, and of course we have the Minions to provide the puzzle.

“Hotel Transylvania”

Sagas Animation Hotel Transylvania

For family sagas, this tetralogy of classic monsters. Dracula runs a hotel for supernatural beings here, but his main problem is nothing more than dealing with the fact that his daughter has grown up, when he becomes interested in a new guest who happens to be human. The fourth is the weakest and the dubbing is not the best though monstrous wacky jokes make each sequel guaranteed fun.


Sagas Animated Trolls

One of the animated surprises of recent years is this adaptation of the mythical troll dolls. Here they are presented to us as bright and chatty little creatures who spend the day singing. His routine will be affected when the Bergens enter the scene, some evil monsters who will shake his peace every day. Both the first and the second are upbeat, good-humoured, surprisingly self-aware and musical on top of that.


Saga Animation Sings

If we’re talking about musicals, we can’t forget another one of the unexpected successes among animation. A friendly koala wants to save his theater and will look for the most talented to put on a musical show: Rosita, a hostess whose dream has always been music, Ash, a prickly pig with a passion for punk, Meena, a shy elephant who sings like angels. .. “American Idol” but with animals.

“Ice Ages”

Saga Animation Ice Age

One of the longest animated sagas, having already accumulated six films. It all started with a mammoth, a sloth, and a sabertooth who care for a missing child in the middle of the Ice Age and have had thousands more adventures since then. The inclusion of new and fun characters keeps it worthwhile even after its first two installments, the most rounded of the saga.

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“The Croods”

Saga Animation Croods

The thing is from a long time ago. Well nice troglodyte family It consists of characters, each more diverse and trying to survive the dangers of their time, whether it is the impossible beasts that are on the way or the family conflicts of generational differences.

“Shaun the Sheep”

Animated saga of Shaun the sheep

I couldn’t pass up stop motion, much less this gem from the Aardman factory. This gang of sheep is taking over the big city in its first part and comes into contact with a mischievous alien in the second. Kids will enjoy its funny visual jokes slap while adults will love the constant nods to silent cinema and science fiction, respectively.

“Lilo & Stitch”

Saga Animation Lilo and Stitch

It’s never a bad time to argue that this saga is about much more than meat merchandising. In the beautiful first film we met Liloan orphan girl who takes care of her older sister, and his amazing friendship story with Stitch, a wanted alien who knows all too well what it’s like to feel alone in the world. We can stay there without a problem, but his characters are so funny that it is a pleasure to follow their adventures in the various sequels.

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Doraemon Animation Saga

Obviously, if we are talking about extremely long sagas, one of the most successful characters in anime cannot be missing. The space cat who tries to help the clumsy Nobita with his inventions he has a prolific film career of 44 films, some of which can be watched on streaming. Like the chapters in the series, most of them are self-contained, so you can watch them in any order you like and you’ll enjoy them just the same.

“Adams Family”

Sagas Animation The Addams Family

We end with one of the funniest reinventions in recent years. The first film knew how to capture the macabre humor of Adams’ previous versions, this family is so sinister it has no shame to beand animate it. Another batch of cinephile references that easily make you laugh.

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