Games and toys for children and not so children

The birthday is coming, and you are still thinking about what to give the children. clothing? I already gave them last year. Accessories? They were the ultimate holiday gift. why not try with toys? Here we will give you a guide to explore a world of possibilities.

Board games: when “yet” doesn’t mean “boring”

You are looking for games for children that challenge them mentally, perfect for those rainy afternoons when they can’t leave the house.

Let’s start with the classics for one person: puzzles, Rubik’s cubes or puzzle 3D. If you want to add some new fun, don’t overlook the Push Pop It, a colorful alternative that you can find in different shapes. Looking for two-person challenges? Try chess, dominoes or checkers.

Want to go one step further? Try a jig table. Games for more than two people? Among the multiplayer options you can find Monopoly or Scrabble. You can choose cards: not only the cards you already know, but also the Uno and Dos games or the themed cards of cartoon series. Indoor relocation options? Twister is the most popular classic.

Games and toys for children

For sunny days and outdoors

Spring days are coming, and with them the energy to go outside. They are still too small for an adult bike. So what options do you have for having fun with safe toys?

to roll

Tricycles are the first step to using wheels. But make no mistake: not only will you find the low and slow plastic models, but you can also find variants with greater complexity and technology.

You can also look for alternatives that allow for walker mode, with a handle for an adult to accompany you and a cover to protect you from the sun. If you like innovation, you can choose skateboards that, in children’s models, change the height, settings and build in seats.

The same is true of the well-known children’s bicycles, which come with an extra pair of wheels to aid balance.

The most portable option are skating. Not only can they fit in any backpack, but they can be used almost anywhere (which also goes for skateboards).

In you skate shop you can find the most common models for beginners, with different sizes and settings (including wheels with lights), but also those professional skating with more sophisticated technology.

The professional skates price they can vary between different models, so find out what you want them to have before you go to the store. Please note that both for skateboards and regular skates and for professional ice skating for girls You should consider protective accessories such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads.

If you like technology, check out the catalog of electric tricycles, cars and motorcycles for kids. This option, often powered by batteries, ranges from the most colorful close-ups to miniature replicas of jeeps or street cars.

Adventure near the garden

Unused land behind the house? A world of possibilities. For the summer, you can install an inflatable pool or a structured pool, which you can find in different sizes and shapes. Don’t miss the ones that have a built-in slide! If you do not have the space to install a pool, you have a wide variety of water guns.

For year-round use, you can consider play sets that include slides with hammocks in one unit to place in the garden. Athletes? you can choose a soccer goal or a basketball hoop.

If you have an adventurous spirit, you can enter the world of trampolines and tents. With different designs and complexity, you can choose between castle tents, tunnel tents or the models you already know.

Toys or pretend play

When a child picks up an action figure, doll or racing car, the possibilities are endless: from dinosaur battles to galactic problems, just one of the toys can unlock a world of imaginary stories. What is the variety that you can find today?

Games and toys for children
Games and toys for children

Action figures

You already know the series they can’t stop watching or the movie they’ve replayed a thousand times and keep replaying. From the usual characters (Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman and many others) to the main characters of the animated series (Pokemon, Naruto or Dragon Ball Z), you can find many options when choosing action figures .

Fans of the Disney universe? So they can have with them all the characters from Toy Story, Encanto or Cars, among others. If you are not interested in toys with human shapes, you can find dinosaurs, animals in all their varieties, pokemon, minions and much more.


You are looking for toys for girls. You know the classic Barbie, but what are all your options, really?

Baby dolls offer different approaches to the same toy: you have the most realistic options with their specific functions, but you can also find ones that choose a more animated type of aesthetic, with painted eyes or hair. With both augmentations, you can add or change accessories or clothing.

The dolls with girls body they are something between baby dolls and classic Barbie. They are approximations of famous characters, such as the Disney princesses, but with a girl’s body. Want to know what Ariel or Maribel were like when they were little? These toys are your choice.

You already know Barbie, but don’t lose sight of the new versions of the classic doll: with new looks, new accessories and new models, Barbie is always renewed and thus never goes out of style.

Want the full set? Try dollhouses, baths and accessories. The offer is wide and according to the model you are looking for!

make yours kid’s games explore new worlds of imagination!

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