childhood. The prestigious ATHENS awards were given to theater for boys and girls

Saving the spirit of the best Midonian tradition, opening up to staging devoid of children’s clichés and incorporating new themes into theater for children and adolescents were the three focuses of the annual award ceremony of the Association of Independent Playwrights for Children and Adolescents (ATHENS), which took place on Saturday, in Technopolisin the Pavilion of the Argentine Federal Theater of the National Theater Institute.

“The ATINA Awards have always tried from the beginning to highlight those works that are avant-garde, with different proposals that would help us grow and progress,” he said at the opening of the ceremony Maria Ines Falconipresident of the organization that unites theater for children and youth. These honors are characterized by the fact that they do not have nominations, but directly reward one or more expressions of each of the stage elements..

The top prize for the most outstanding work of 2021 for its “originality, innovation and excellence” was awarded to Lorena Romanin for the playwriting and direction of Anna and Vivia production that also received awards for Best Performer (Luciana Grasso), Music (Jacare Manso) and Puppet Design (Alejandra Farley).

Some of the winners of the ATINA Awards in TecnópolisDavid Fernandez / afv

The story of a girl’s resilience in the face of personal losses, of her courage and joy in moving forward despite the obstacles that stand in her way, was evaluated by the jury as “a moving work and unlike any other”, thanks to “almost silent dramaturgy, non-linear human characters – and those of others – original live music, powerful ideas for tackling themes rarely seen in theater for boys and girls, and a message of respect, love and courage.” with Anna and Viviin the words of the jury, “it is told with the power of theater, actors, actresses and puppets, with songs, with strong and also funny scenes”, in “a creative work intended for children that speaks to all sensitive souls”.

The theme of diversity was the other storyline highlighted by the ATINA Awards, via six awards for Crianzas, the musicalversion by Valeria Grossi based on the book by Susie Schockand the seven awards for Universeof the company Amicis.

“For a trans woman to win Best Female Artist is something that no one would have imagined decades ago, it serves to show that we can create places of light and love, not just darkness and disease,” said Sofia Diegues upon receiving the award as the protagonist of Krianzasa story about the daily life in the neighborhood of a boy and his transvestite aunt. Carlos Gianni he received the ATINA award for the musicalization of the work.

Sofia Digges, Carlos Gianni and the Crianzas team
Sofia Digges, Carlos Gianni and the Crianzas teamDavid Fernandez / afv

Universeaward-winning dramaturgy, directing and acting, among other subjects, is based on the book I’m a girl, I’m a princessby Gabriela Mancilla, to tell the story of two friends who, after reaching the rite of passage in their town, encounter strict customs in their quest to grow up without prejudice. “Art has the duty and responsibility to reflect an era,” said a representative of the Amicis company upon receiving the awards.

The most awarded work of the evening was my imaginary giftwith nine awards for this recreation of the picturesque world of the unforgettable Hugo Midonincluding at the address for Paul Gorleroto dramaturgy for Mariano Takanito the choreography of Veronica Pecoloof translator for Julian Puchetta Y special mention of Ana Maria Kores “for his dear and inspiring work in the guise of La Señora Música’, who received the loudest applause of the ceremony.

Another outstanding production, in this case as a performance for juniors, was Mabel, a Scottish tragicomedyunique humorous version of Macbethwith six awards including two to Emiliano Dionysias the author and director of the play.

ATINA’s openness to go beyond the busy Buenos Aires circuit of the children’s and youth scene is evidenced not only in the composition of the jury with theater director Victor Arrojo from the Cajamarca group and producer and cultural manager from Córdoba Julieta Lazarino, together with researchers Lita Lagostera and Susana Lahi , playwright Carmen Arrieta, specialist journalist Marisa Rojas and audiovisual production expert Evangelina Contartese.

Part of the nine-award winning My Imaginary Gift team
Part of the nine-award winning My Imaginary Gift teamDavid Fernandez / afv

The gaze seeking the connection of childhood theater artists from all over the country – mentioned by Maria Ines Falconi as one of the main goals of ATINA – was reflected in the three awards for the Cordovan puppet show Kami and the dragonplayed by Lucia Di Mauro, in the award given to Voiceoverof San Juan, directed by Eduardo Avila for a teenage audience, and in the Blog Distribution Award So, what shall we dodirected by Sol Castro, in Cordoba.

The accolades for the puppet show at the Villa Gesell also went beyond Avenue General Paz. a world of caressesby Fabian Villarreal based on a story by Elsa Bornemann and the musical show Unforgettable tales that I forgot, premiered in Ayacucho by Fran Olano. And the award in memory and tribute to the actor and director Claudio Martínez, who recently died, in his capacity as “an important standard of theater in Mendoza”.

From the suburbs of Buenos Aires, on the other hand, National Match Companydirected by Cristian Palacios and set in the West from its beginnings in Villa Bosch; Omar Alvarez’s Puppet Company, from Villa Ballester; and San Martín-based Arde la nona, presented at the awards ceremony by Micaela Piccarelli, who won awards for their virtual co-productions during a pandemic Clouds, for early childhood; Y The puzzleas well as explorezoomby Christian Palacios himself in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Science (C3).

Ana y Wiwi was the most remarkable work
Ana y Wiwi was the most remarkable workDavid Fernandez / afv

The Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded by the ATINA Board of Directors, went to Antoineta Madjarova, Artistic Director of Kukla Group and coordinator of the field of children’s performances of the Cultural Center for a cooperative that has been developing a task of cultural creativity and management for more than 30 years since his arrival from Bulgaria, where he trained as a puppeteer.

Pablo Medina, the famous researcher and compiler of children’s literature, with a special dedication to the history of puppets in the country, received the Theater Research Award. Medina announced upon receiving the award that the La Nube documentation center he directs will soon be expanded to a room in the National Library, where about 10,000 of the 150,000 volumes collected over nearly half a century of activity will be transferred.

At the end of the ceremony on Saturday afternoon, which had the support and presence of the National Institute of Theater and Proteatro, the candles were blown for the twenty years of life that ATINA has fulfilled, arising from the need to connect the theater scenes of children and adolescents after the crisis of 2001 Representatives of related organizations from different countries around the world and the International Association for Theater for Children and Youth (Assitej), which unites them, congratulated the anniversary with a video.

Maria Ines Falconi, President of Atina
Maria Ines Falconi, President of AtinaDAVID FERNANDEZ/AFV













Martin Palladino of Universe

Giancarlo Scocco by Universe

Mariano Mazzei of Mabel, a Scottish tragicomedy

Julian Puchetta from my imaginary gift


Sophia Dieges from Crianzas, the musical

Virginia Kaufmanby Universe

Lucia Di Mauro from Kami and the dragon

Luciana Grasso from Anna and Vivi


Pablo Gorlero from my imaginary gift

Emiliano Dionysi of Mabel, a Scottish tragicomedy

Valeria Grossi from Crianzas, the musical

Cecilia Miserere of Universe


Virginia Kaufman, Cecilia Miserere, and Martin Palladino for Universe

Lorraine Romanin of Anna and Vivi

Mariano Takani from my imaginary gift


Emiliano Dionysi of Mabel, a Scottish tragicomedy

Monica Evangelista and Lucia Di Mauro for Kami and the dragon

Valeria Grossi from Crianzas, the musical

Fabian Villarreal of a world of caresses


Gonzalo Cordoba Estevez from Mabel Scottish Tragedy

Magali Acha from my imaginary gift

Marilou Carbo from Crianzas, the musical


Anastasia Mayerby The flower that missed the sun

Alejandra Robotti from my imaginary gift

Analia Morales from Universe

Marisol Castaneda by Mabel, a Scottish tragicomedy


Valeria Zaltzman from a world of caresses

Alexandra Farley of Anna and Vivi

Monica Evangelista and Julia Ferrero for Kami and the dragon

Fede Coppola from New possible worlds


Daniela Garcia for The flower that missed the sun

David Seldesby my imaginary gift

Sandra Grossi from Crianzas, the musical


Ezequiel Paredes of my imaginary gift

Sebastian Escura of Mabel, a Scottish tragicomedy


Veronica Pecolo from my imaginary gift

Miranda Sonzini by The flower that missed the sun


Sandra Grossi from Crianzas, the musical

Lisandro Peralta and Maria Eugenia Montefire for Deadline


Ana Maria Kores for her leading role in my imaginary gift

Virtual Shows:


Clouds – Omar Àlvarez Puppet Company – Arde La Nona Company – National Match Company


Sigh – Teatro Lata Cía in animated forms

The puzzle – Omar Álvarez Puppet Company, Arde la Nona and National Match Company

Deadline – National Match Company


explorezoom – The theater terrace

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