Cartoon Network’s Best Cartoons – Frogs and Princesses

It’s Cartoon Network one of the most important studios in the field of animation, especially in the series of children’s drawings. This company has been generating content for the youngest for years, specifically since October 1992. Some of the most mythical characters in the history of children’s television were born from this channel, such as Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog or Dexter, the main character of Dexter’s laboratory.

But even though we thought it would be impossible for them to improve over the years, the studio has continued to keep up with the times, bringing new generations of some remakes of classic characters like Tom and Jerry or creating great titles like Time for adventure.

However, in this TOP 5 of Cartoon Network’s best series, we’re not interested in talking about the cartoons that beat the ratings, but the ones that They help our children learn great lessons. All of those we comment on below continue to be broadcast live via TV channels such as Boing or can be found on the main platforms of streaming.

1. Clarence (2014)

Clarence | Source: IMDb

in Clarence We follow the adventures of a funny boy who cannot sit still. He lives at home with his mother and her boyfriend. His father is not a part of his life, something that is clear at all times, which teaches the children this there are different family models and that they are all equally acceptable.

His friends who share the limelight with Clarence also have different families. Sumo is a lower class boy, He lives with both his parents and has many brothers and sisters.. Jeff, the class nerd and one of the main character’s best friends, he has two mothers. With this Cartoon Network series, the little ones will not only have fun, but they will also understand it every family is differentbut they are all valid.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on HBO

2. The Amazing World of Gumball (2008)

The Amazing World of Gumball Cartoon Network
The Amazing World of Gumball | Source: IMDb

Besides being a series full of values ​​and teachings, The Amazing World of Gumballhe is one of the most popular cartoons on Cartoon Network. It tells us about the lives of Darwin and Gumball, a fish and a cat who are brothers. The reason for this extravagant attachment is that the first of them was adopted by the Watterson family.

Adoption is normalized here and children are shown that family adoption is not stigmatized. Blood brothers are no more than those who arrived under other circumstances. In fact, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais, the family’s little sister, share a close relationship with its ups and downs, but one in which love always prevails. This is a beautiful lesson about brotherhood, broadly understood.

Recommended Age: +7 years – Available on HBO

3. Steven Universe (2013)

Steven Universe, a Cartoon Network series
Steven Universe | Source: IMDb

The Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network series became a hit within days of first airing. And not only among the smallest; this is animation that adults enjoy too. The plot tells the story of the Crystal Gems, a rebel group that went up against Mother Planet to protect Earth from an alien invasion.

The main character is Steven, a sensitive and gentle boy who learns to love everything around him. on your adventures trying to deal with anxiety, fear, forgiveness and hatred, while the events unfolding around them give us continuous lessons about equality. In your world regardless of gender, sexuality, physical ability or skin color. Everyone deserves to be loved and respected equally. And most of all.

Recommended Age: +7 years – Available on HBO and Netflix

4. Craig’s World (2018)

Craig's World Series Cartoon Network
Craig’s World | Source: IMDb

Only three years ago, this series appeared, which managed to break records in the company. Contains scenes from Craig’s life, a boy who lives next to a forest where he spends the day playing with his friends.

His stories, truly moving, approach the consciousness of the smallest, speaking only from the imagination. In his world, what he imagines is always real, and his animators are careful not to break the magic at any point, but they allow adults to glimpse the reality behind the fiction.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons it offers us is related to this Kelsey Bern. From an adult’s point of view, you probably automatically think we mean a male character, but the truth is Kelsey acts like a girl. She wears baggy clothes, never wears pink, and never drops her sword for anything in the world. Always accompanied by her faithful parrot, this girl knows how to be a real heroine and breaks all the gender schemes and roles that our children live with from a very young age.

Recommended age: +3 years – Coming soon on HBO Max

5. We Are Bears (2015)

we are bears cartoon network
We are bears | Source: IMDb

Last but not least is we are bears. This series, touching and funny at the same time, is for three bears who live in a cave and coexist with humans. Despite what we might assume, everyone in their world is aware that they are an animal. Even the main characters, Pardo, Polar and Panda, are. But that doesn’t stop them from living in a man’s world.

In their interactions with humans, they experience many fun adventures, and in each one there is a vital lesson to be learned. But above all, this series makes us see what happens when civilization ends up destroying the natural environment of animals. It basically tells us about living things that are not where they should be and along with that, teaches little ones to care for nature and the environment.

Recommended Age: All Ages – Available on Netflix

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