79 sexual aggressors of children and adolescents arrested in “Operation Maria Goretti”

Friday, October 07, 2022

During the Child and Adolescent Protection Offensive of the San Pedro Claver Institutional Operational Plan of the Ministry of National Defense’s Strategy for Life and Peace, 63 municipalities were involved.

Bogotá, DC At the opening of the International Congress on Violence against Children and the Protection of their Rights, and after the painful murder of little Gabriel in Melgar (Tolima); The National Police, through the Directorate “Security and Special Services” (DIPRO), announced an important operational result, through which 48 adolescents, 25 girls and 7 boys, victims of crimes against freedom, inviolability and gender formation were placed under protection.

During “Operation Maria Goretti”, 79 sexual aggressors were caught as a result of the joint efforts of the National Police, the Center for Comprehensive Care of Victims of Sexual Violence (CAIVAS), the Attorney General’s Office and the Colombian Institute for Family Protection (ICBF).

Unfortunately, once again they have identified themselves as victims of our children and adolescents: stepfathers, uncles, cousins ​​and school teachers; The most common behaviors by which minors were molested were abuse of carnal contact with children under the age of 14, forcible carnal access, sexual acts with children under the age of 14, forcible sexual acts and requests for commercial sexual exploitation.

This offensive in the country’s 26 departments coincides with the start of the “International Congress on Violence Affecting Children and the Protection of Their Rights”, organized by the Department of Child and Adolescent Protection, where 23 police forces from around the world, national government institutions and non-governmental organizations meet to strengthen ties of cooperation to prevent the materialization and violation of children’s rights. Of the 79 arrested, 76 are already on bond in jail, and 3 more are awaiting bail hearings. Among the most relevant cases found by the researchers are the following:

1. In San Jose del Guaviare, a man who owned a rental property took advantage of the fact that one of his tenants was a single mother to repeatedly sexually assault his twin daughters. The defendant today entered the home of minors, threatened and threatened them, but also forced them to witness the harassment they were subjected to.

2. In Apartado, Antioquia, a teacher sexually assaulted a 12-year-old student in a classroom by blackmailing him for failing a physical education subject.

3. In Carmen de Bolivar, a man who was accused of the crime of carnal violence took advantage of the trust his stepsister, a 15-year-old teenage girl, had in him, in the middle of a family party, by supplying her with some substance, which He left her defenseless and then abused her.

4. An arrest warrant was issued in Bogotá for a man who allegedly touched his 8-year-old niece several times, taking advantage of the fact that he lived in the same home as his victim; however, the minor’s trust in her parents made it possible for the abuse to be brought to the attention of the authorities.

In addition, the National Police, through the Comprehensive Strategy for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, conducts strong actions at the national level to counter all types of violence against children and adolescents, as follows:

⮚ In terms of prevention: by deploying the Open Eyes program targeting children, adolescents and families to highlight and address the conditions of vulnerability and risk to which this population is exposed; So far this year, 85,395 actions have been carried out, affecting 2,276,563 people.

⮚ In terms of dissuasion: permanent plans and interventions are carried out in public places and establishments open to the public, which due to their characteristics facilitate the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (parks, hotels, brothels, bars and the like) . These actions aim to neutralize potentially harmful factors for the child population. By 2022, 81,040 monitoring and control actions have been carried out throughout the country.

⮚ Regarding the criminal investigation: it stands out the realization of 4179 arrests for crimes that affect the integrity and sexual education of our children and adolescents, of which 420 arrests were made in Bogotá.

Unfortunately, to date, we have 24,149 children and adolescents who are victims of pedophiles and pederasts. For this reason, the Directorate of Protection and Special Services of the National Police calls on other public and private institutions of the national and regional order, families and the community as a whole to support this unwavering commitment to protect children in Colombia.

Of course, the complaint is a vital tool for the authorities to work more effectively. For this purpose, the emergency line 123, the ICBF line 141 or the virtual CAI of the National Police are available, through which information can be channeled about any conduct or behavior that affects the rights of children and adolescents.

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