topics for which Hunan Group received the 2022 Factor Wellbeing award

Grupo Hunan is one of the most famous restaurant chains in the country and its success is not only due to the dishes or the service, but also to the well-being practices it has with its working people.

These strategies, focused on supporting their workforce in various axes, have led them to become part of the award-winning companies in Factor Wellbeing 2022, which recognizes these efforts of the business sector.

Each Hunan Group member’s initiatives and results go beyond internal perception; has an impact on the clientele that visits its more than 20 organizations across the country and across the United States.

Laura Ramírez, manager of welfare and people, and Jordi Ferran, financial director (financial director) of the group, explain in an interview with Business Insider Mexico the importance of these plans.

The projects

Demand at each Grupo Hunan restaurant is high, but Ferrán commented that with that in mind, there are various programs to help the workforce.

“You always have to have all five senses working and wait for any mistake that can be made, see how creatively it is solved. This philosophy carries over into all corporate areas to do things well and quickly, such as accounting and planning,” he says.


Among the projects whose momentum began in 2016 with the institutionalization of the company was tree planting.

“One (of the first actions) is the issue of reforestation; we have a program with the National Commission for Reforestation (Conafor) (…); We do it several times a year. This is a very important exercise because apart from contributing to the environment, we are responsible in this sense (…). It is not only a tool for generating returns for owners, but also a means of contributing to society. Our idea is to generate no carbon footprint by 2050,” he explains.

It also helps to build and improve teamwork as people support each other in this task.

“The first edition I went to had no idea how to plant a tree, some couldn’t climb mountains. But there were people who helped you with it; They were from different restaurants and places. It was a healthy competition between the managers to see who would send more people,” says the group’s CFO.

*Educational programs

Another strategy of Grupo Hunan is the program with the National Institute of Adult Education (INEA), under the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), with which they promote the academic training of their staff.

“We have improved employee retention. This is a sector with a lot of rotation; you will find in restaurants and cruise ships (this situation) (…). People who have been with us for years have not had the opportunity to learn; He went to work to support his family (…). We implement (the plan) with official validity; It allows those who could not (go to primary or secondary school) to attend,” says the company’s CFO.

When they complete this training, participants receive a diploma.

“There are people in their 50s and 60s who bring their children and it’s a pride for them to see their parents graduate from high school, for example,” he mentions.


In this regard, the manager of Welfare and People specifies the voluntary activity of the corporation.

“We have an alliance with associations like Drawing a Tomorrow and we do collections to give toys to vulnerable children. We implemented it last year and had a very good response,” he reveals.

Because of this success, they want to repeat it this year 2022 and in the following years.

*Health care

For the CFO of Hunan Group, respecting the physical and mental health of each employee is essential, and they do not intend the workload to prevent them from meeting their needs.

“The pandemic was before and after for this sector and others. We live and suffer the death of key people for our team; we lost accountants, the maintenance manager, the kitchen team, etc.,” he recalls.

Based on these opportunities, they looked for ways to support their staff in this matter. One of the promotions was the Viva Bien Plus Health and Wellness Plan implemented in the middle of this year.

“There are several edges. The first part is a medical issue where we obviously want to do examinations of all staff; We are negotiating with the general management of the IMSS the type of cancer prevention for women and men (…). We need to strengthen the issue of health and prevention”, he says.

In addition, twice a year eye examinations of the workers are carried out.

“At most wellness, we have alliances with gyms and participate in dynamic activities. Two weeks ago we were in class spinning, with people running; It was a very important exercise,” he stressed.

*Protocol against labor abuses

Grupo Hunan has mechanisms in place to deal with labor abuses such as tip theft, overwork, etc.

«There is a line (5580127712) and an email called “We want to hear you”, where you can say that your boss treats you badly, that there is bad management or aggression; we implemented it in that sense,” emphasizes Ferran.

The challenges

For Hunan Group’s CFO, one of the challenges to overcome is to get people, from leaders to other members, to take these measures seriously and spend time on them.

“What we’ve done are webinars to raise awareness not only among managers but around the world. You can enter the management staff, restaurant. This allowed us to have direct contact with the people, to maintain the spirit of the group and the motivation and mood of the people”, he points out.

A vision for the future

“The idea is to keep moving up the ranks every year because we are achieving more and more indicators in Human Resources. There are certain areas where we need to continue to work, such as communication (…), but there are other types of indicators where we have very good results, which is diversity and inclusion, we are a global and representative company,” adds Ferrand.

The expert confirms that the relationship between the people who work at Grupo Hunan and the brand is strong thanks to this progress.

“Our team is proud to belong to a company like ours (…). This business is not so much about food, but about people, about memorable experiences that our associates create every day”, he reasoned.

Grupo Hunan is one of the projects that received the Factor Wellbeing 2022 distinction, prepared by the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness Sciences in collaboration with Business Insider Mexico.

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