The freedom all girls need – Another look

A prostitute waits by a fire in the Marconi industrial area in Madrid. – JAIRO VARGAS

Amelia Tiganus, a feminist activist of recognized national prestige, writer and campaigner against sexual exploitation, removed her Instagram account, where she had 38,000 followers. It all happened because of a campaign of mass denunciations after his appearance in The rock, an after-dinner program from La Sexta. There he participated in a debate on sex work between “a sex worker who is in favor of continuing the practice and a former worker who wants to abolish it”, as stated on their website. Words matter. And to call the work a form of exploitation that violates the human rights of half the population is not insignificant. According to government data, between 80% and 90% of women prostitutes in Spain are victims of trafficking. Which means at least eight out of ten workers they are currently enslaved. They were on the other side of the debate The drinker, an advocate of regulation, and Juan del Val, an associate and husband of the presenter, who dedicated himself to whitewashing prostitution with the childish and infallible arguments of the neoliberal patriarchy. “I’m for people exercising their freedom”, “When this work is done freely…”. Women don’t need more freedom to be whores because we are all born with it. What we need, and urgently, are communication media that exercise their social responsibility and influence prevention, especially towards children.

Last week was also the International Day of the Girl. A good time to remember that more than half of the women served by the Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women (Apramp) were forced into prostitution before reaching adulthood. “The demand is growing, if there are girls in this situation, it is because there is a clear demand that wants it,” pointed out the director of EPE, Deu Mora. And each time the starting age is moved forward, because from the age of 30 a woman “is not a profitable raw material in Spain to be enslaved.” Nosals want fresh meat. in his book The Prostitutes’ Rebellion, Amelia Tiganus emphasized that for pimps, a prostitute has a useful life of two or three years, as they will “disintegrate” later, and that in the meantime they must change their concentration camp (bordei) so as not to bore customers. Something that, of course, increases their rootlessness and vulnerability.

Although the media discourse in favor of regulation is the majority, it is true that the abolitionist perspective is creeping in bit by bit. In fact, today it would be unthinkable that public television, which in the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s offered us girls and teenagers the story of the happy whore, who twirled provocatively on the set of Martian Chronicles or Mississippi and that he accompanies the old dandruff with pleasure to boast of being a brothel. Then came the pseudo-reports of street investigations with hidden cameras, which taught us the “reality” of luxury prostitutes who enjoyed their work very much because they liked to fuck themselves and on top of that they could live lavishly from it! It is well known that IBEX companies are full of female prostitutes. The detailed records of the bodies of half-naked women who, during the month of January, worked on Calle Montera and in Poligono de Marconi, are accompanied by testimonies in which they almost always sought to catch the innocent customer who had gone out in his car for a walk to feast your eyes. So if I was surprised by anything in the speech of The drinker, was the moment he told Amelia that they (abolitionists) were everywhere now. how? An abolitionist on universal television? Since when?

The regulatory discourse considers it a privilege to have documents and to be able to pay rent. Abolitionists believed that all women should reach them privileges without placing the body. You don’t have to be a feminist to understand that no woman (or man) is sexually available every day and every hour (or those who “work”). After meeting Amelia and reading dozens of testimonies from women in prostitution situations (available on Sexual Geoviolence or Translators for Abolition), what became clear to me is that once you are alone with a man who has paid to penetrate you , your wishes are orders. As a woman, I know sexual abuse and I also know that many times you don’t feel like having sex, even with the person you love and desire the most in the world. Well, what kind of freedom is that? The freedom to be an a-hole for the pleasure of others? Feminism has been fighting this for three centuries. If we understand that our bodies are not just another product, prostitution is inevitably incomparable to any other form of work. In prostitution there is no desire and therefore submission (also called “consent”).

The commodification of one’s body is never a matter of freedom, it is a matter of economic necessity, sexual inequality and, many times, rootlessness and documentary illegality. It was from Amelia Teagan that I learned the concept of making whores. No girl dreams of being a prostitute, but many of them, in many parts of the world, are forced into it through sexual and domestic violence. No professional whores. No one is. To this day, analyzing the environment in which I grew up and the media’s propaganda of prostitution, it is particularly surprising to me that I did not join the majority discourse. Being an abolitionist, I have clashed many times with my own family and friends. The argument used was and is always the same: “They do it because they want to” or “they listen to whores”. How curious that the women I could listen to on TV were saying the same thing as the owners of the brothels who were profiting off them.

Let’s read to the whores today:

“They like to think of it as a choice. I would have laughed if I still had the strength to laugh. For me, like many women I know, it all started with a man’s kind words. He was handsome and showered me with gifts, me who had never received anything but abuse from my father and rape from my uncle. I believed.”

“I was unlucky, I was a pimp. I was 17 years old, I had run away from home. He hitchhiked on me. These men are predators, looking for the most vulnerable and finding the “good whore”. Then we have only to avoid the violence and perversions of the customers, excited by our fragility.»

Survivors of prostitution. Translators to remove.

Unfortunately, the testimonies are many, many. And all terrible. And even if there were only four, they should be offered support, compensation, companionship and protection. Another outlet must be offered to women who report being systematically raped by children.

For regulatory discourse to achieve the social acceptance it has today, we needed all women. Some and others. Because there were enough whoreswe are good girls We will always be saints. the chosen Prostitution is not only a matter of machismo, it is also a matter of social class. And thanks to this internalized classism, which Amelia Tiganus also talks about, I knew perfectly well that I was safe from the prostitution system. That didn’t sit well with me. I was a good girl in a safe environment. My virginity was non-negotiable and sex was always done with love. these women were different a wenymphomaniacs, sexual predators, them they were made from a different paste. That is why men have always sought them out. The problem really is thinking that this division doesn’t affect us all. And the solution is to stop dividing ourselves according to the codes of patriarchy: we are all here to satisfy their desires. And we must rebel against it.

Our daughters today are much more prostitute than us. There are no good girls or safe environments anymore. Social media works as a tool to attract minors, and the glamor with which prostitution is currently advertised is blurring the lines of what was once considered shady. In general, who hasn’t sent an erotic photo? What if that easy thing involved making money? For this reason, everyone who is interested in fresh meat insists that the girls think that they are doing it because they want to. Because they have Freedom. Porn websites, onlyfans and other platforms make it too easy for anyone to prostitute themselves thinking they are doing something else. Even today’s punters know that the term whore is derogatory, so they have coped with the help of new speech, far from oppression and close to progressivism. The concepts of prostitutes, prosecco activists or babysugars they whitewash exploitation and shift the focus away from the real culprits: the pimps and harlots of life. Prostitution is no longer seen as just a way to survive, but as a means to a good life or even to acquire certain fads. Virtuality increases the sense of false security. But no one knows where those images will end up if captured in real time, nor who is on the other side.

Those interested in perpetuating this great misogynistic fraud in the name of freedom are many and everywhere. But so did the abolitionists. From her Instagram and elsewhere, Amelia has always claimed to protect the victims and prosecute those responsible for this oppression. She always wanted papers, jobs and social justice for all women. He has always called for another world where no man has the right to buy a woman or a girl. He has always insisted on the importance of education in equality and the fight against sexist violence. This is the freedom we abolitionists want and the only freedom all girls need.

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