Medical School vs. Mafia Stigma

The authorities and a lady who will study medicine open the new faculty.

We are used to the opening of a new medical school It is accompanied by political promises of economic and social progress for the city that discovers it, and criticism from professional sectors that see how doctors continue to be “produced” without really knowing if this investment is necessary, because we do not yet have a reliable human resources map picture of National Health System.

This is the x-ray picture of the situation in Spainwho has aired this course several times, such as in the new classrooms at Jaen Y Almeria, or those intended in Burgos, Leon or Huelva. While in Italy (a country with a lot of traffic with ours in terms of health care), the opening of a new faculty for the training of medical specialists is an event with national repercussions and is interpreted as a gesture of rebellion against the evil rooted in the whole territory, the mafia.

The new faculty Health Scienceswhich includes Medicine Y Breastfeeding among other disciplines, is in Scampiaa Neapolitan suburb stigmatized by the presence of quarrel, which is the name of the local mafia. His degraded reality was well reflected by Robert Saviano in ‘Gomorrah“, the editorial and television success for which the local clans condemned to death the writer and journalist, who for more than a decade lived his daily life surrounded by an escort and very strict security measures. It must be remembered that mafia clans know no bounds in their goals, even murdering judges, as in the well-remembered case of John Falcone.

With this history of drug-trafficking, underworld crime, prostitution and family disputes over control of various dirty businesses, in Italy the choice of Scampia was an attempted one to promote the medical research of Friedrich II University as a social event that discovered radio and television news with a national impact.

“Young people came to die, now to build their future”

The rector of Federico II, matthew loritodoes not hide what the new faculty represents not only for the city, but also for the entire district: “He is a pride for Naplesthe area of Campaign and for the country”. Another of the active forces that participated in the official opening, the bishop of the city, Domenico Battagliaclearly expressed the situation: “Today, in a place where many young people came to seek death, a new story begins; young people will already come to this neighborhood build your own future“.

Nor the governor of the district of Campania, Vincent de Luca, wanted to hide the present reality and the door it opens to new expectations. “Let’s be honest, here the camera has not disappeared, we suffer from a strong presence of organized crimebut we know that the reality of Scampia is so complex and rich that it deserves to be described in all its aspects”.

But what is hope for some turns into mockery and insults on social networks, a sign of the skepticism with which this Faculty of Medicine is also met: “The University of Crime was opened, The sciences of the Chamber“.

The stigma on it suburban neighborhood only the facts can remove it, so the new faculty is presented as a unique opportunity both for students from the area of ​​influence and for the rest of the neighbors who can finally talk about Scampia with positive connotations.

Before the students who will be doctors or nurses tomorrow, the mayor of naplesengineer and teacher, left a few words that invite us to be brave: “This is a university not in Scampia, but for Scampia. The goal is to change the history we have.”

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