Attention young man! This is your opportunity to enter the Citen Naval Technical Institute | News

If you are a qualified athlete, are in the top third of your school or have successfully completed a semester at university, you have the opportunity to apply for the Naval Public Technological Higher Education Institute (Citen) Early Admission Competition 2023 whose registration closes on October 21.

This was stated by Citen’s Chief of Admissions First Lieutenant Wilmer Sancaranco Alvarado, who explained that with this new admission method, the Navy aims to attract talented students and young people who stand out in sports.

“This year, for the first time, the early admission process is taking place, which aims to attract qualified athletes, students from the top third of various schools, as well as students who have completed a cycle or semester satisfactorily,” he explained to Andean Agency.

Another benefit he said this invitation offers is that youths who are currently serving in the voluntary military service have a 50% discount on enrollment and 100% on medical check-ups, which is a big help to this contingent of people.

First Lieutenant Sancaranco stated that the technical vocational training programs offered by Citen are approved by the Ministry of Education (Minedu) and that ten of their careers are accredited by the National System for Evaluation, Accreditation and Certification of Education Quality (Sineace) and that the rest are in the process of accreditation.

What are the 26 professional technical careers offered by Citen?

The technical occupations offered by Citen are as follows: Submarine Weapons, Gunnery, Captainship and Coast Guard, Fire Control, Electronics with Naval Service Mention, Industrial Electrical with Naval Service Mention, Technical Nursing, Administrative Management with Naval Service Mention service, hydrography, marines, intelligence, manoeuvres, naval machinery, aviation mechanics, marine mechanics, aircraft engines and marine engines.

Likewise, Special Operations, Naval Police, River Pilotage, Aviation Sensors, Sensors, Signals, Systems and Network Administration with Naval Service Mention, Sonar and Telematics with Naval Service Mention.

On the other hand, the naval officer pointed out that in the last regular recruitment process in 2022 in Citen, the number of participants was 684 young people, including 86 women, which represents the interest of the young population to belong to the Navy of Peru.

“During the year there are three admissions: regular, preliminary and absorption. The first two are aimed at personnel who have not yet studied a technical profession. The latter is intended for all those professionals who have completed a technical or university education and who wish to assimilate in our institution. For this year, 33 jobs have been opened in this area”, he pointed out.

Regarding the process of regular admission and absorption in Citen, he mentioned that in the coming weeks all the information will be published on the website of the institution.

As for term of training for a Citen technician said to consist of three years of barracks where they are offered not only higher education, but also physical and moral training, which guarantees the good performance of the future graduate within the various units and dependencies of the Peruvian Navy.

At the end of three years of training he added, the graduate receives a technical professional title in the name of the nationin addition to family medical insurance, job stability, access to Peruvian Navy recreation centers and housing programs.

What are the conditions of the early admission process in 2023?

1. Qualified athletes

2. Talented students:

– Graduated from highly successful schools.

– Students who are in the upper third of their promotion in the last two years of high school.

– International Baccalaureate.

– Students who have successfully completed a cycle or semester in higher education.

– Voluntary military service.

– Licensed Armed Forces personnel.

The requirements are as follows:

– To be Peruvian by birth or to have been born abroad to a Peruvian father or mother, provided that they were registered in the relevant consular registry while they were minors.

-Be single, without children or direct dependents.

– Not to be in a state of pregnancy during the admission competition.

– Be physically and mentally healthy.

– They have completed basic secondary education.

– Not to have been separated or expelled from any school and institute for professional training of the armed forces, the National Police of Peru or the military service as a result of the imposition of a disciplinary measure or due to “lack of psychophysical abilities of psychosomatic origin”.

-Criminal record.

– Police report.

– Criminal record certificate.


Calculated as of December 31 of the year preceding the trial.

– Minimum: 15 years

– Maximum: 23 years, 11 months and 29 days.

/ Personnel from military service: 24 years, 11 months and 29 days.


* Calculated as of December 31 of the year prior to the competition.

** Exclusively for military personnel.

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