131 Hebrew names you’ll love

Finding a baby name is one of the most important decisions to be made before the baby is born. If you are looking for names for a girl, you should know that the most common in Spain are still the names of Jewish origin, since the biblical names are the most common (and almost all of them come from the same language). In fact, according to the National Statistical Institute, the most common female names in our country are still Carmen and Maria.

Hebrew names for girlsInara Prusakova

Although, on the one hand, invented baby names are gaining more and more followers, most of the names that parents choose for their children today are still quite famous and common.
Knowing that many families decide to choose a basic name for their baby, we have selected more than 100 Hebrew names for girls. Some of them are the most famous (and you will even know their origin). Others, however, will at least surprise you.

Unusual Hebrew girl names

Although it seems practically impossible, we have found various female names of Jewish origin that are well known and which, however, have a very strong and beautiful meaning. Some are biblical as they appear in this Holy Book, especially throughout the Old Testament.

We give you the meaning of some Hebrew names that not everyone knows:
  1. Abby: this is diminutive of “Abigail”
  2. Abigail: in the Old Testament it appears in the Book of Samuel and means “joyful father”
  3. Adaya: means Ornament of God and is widely used in some Anglo-Saxon countries
  4. Agar: means flight
  5. Amaris: given by God
  6. Amiram: means my city is raised
  7. Amneris: its origin is not well defined, although it is widely used in Italy
  8. Anat: in Hebrew means to sing
  9. Ari: it is probably a name derived from another
  10. Arisbeth: its origin is not well determined, though it has great sonority
  11. arlet: means God’s lion or God’s altar
  12. Athaliah: borne by a laughing Judas, who appears in the Bible and signifies the dew of God. There is also an Atalia variant
  13. Ava: means bird or life
  14. Ayala: doe in Hebrew
  15. Batia
  16. Bethany: refers to the Palestinian city of the same name, which is near Jerusalem
  17. Bathsheba: in the Old Testament she is the wife of King David and the mother of Solomon. Means “daughter of plenty”
  18. Bloom: can mean a flower
  19. Delilah: means “the one with the key”, although it varies from a Hebrew word meaning “Desire”
  20. Dana: one who judges
  21. Denmark: Justice
  22. to be: means “myrtle tree”
  23. Date: variant of the above
  24. Dave: one who is loved
  25. Gives life: the female version of the name David means beloved or dear
  26. Davina: This is a variant of the previous one
  27. Dinora: means light
  28. One: means delicious
  29. Egla
  30. Eleodora: he who comes from the sun or God of my light
  31. Eliana: the dawn of tomorrow
  32. Elizabeth: who has the power of God
  33. Elohim: God of gods
  34. Evian: this is a variant of the well-known Eve, which we will analyze later
  35. Genesis: the beginning or origin
  36. Hadassah: variant of Dassah
  37. Chania: means a resting place
  38. Haviva: one who is loved
  39. Well: alive or alive
  40. hosanna: the one with health
  41. Ilana: tree
  42. Jael: appears in the Bible and means Nubian ibex
  43. janna: one who brings grace
  44. Jasibe: Godsend
  45. Jehane: one who is full of grace
  46. the Lazarus: this is the feminine variant of Lázara and therefore means “she whom God helps”
  47. Leah: comes from the variant Lía, who according to Genesis is Jacob’s first wife
  48. Firewood: means shine of the sun
  49. Leah: Jacob’s first wife
  50. Lilac: refers to the night
  51. Lebanon: refers to the moon
  52. mahelet: Godsend
  53. Mahira: one who is vigorous
  54. Mara: a romantic woman
  55. Marilia: a very sonorous name meaning “handsome” or “leader”
  56. mussels: although its origin is Hebrew, it corresponds to Maria’s name in Hungarian
  57. mihal: defender of the village
  58. Michaela: none like God
  59. Nirel: means light
  60. Nice: Tree of Life
  61. Noema: thought or pure intelligence
  62. Peeled off: pillar of strength
  63. Orit: means the light
  64. Ozara: treasure
  65. Pennine: pearl or precious stone
  66. Samara: protected by God
  67. tzipora: a small bird
  68. Sharon: just
  69. Siona: means excellent
  70. Suri
  71. Tamar: means palm tree
  72. Uriel: Uriel was an archangel from the Old Testament and this is his female version
  73. Bath: a butterfly
  74. Yaira: one who is sanctified
  75. Janis: Godsend
  76. Yovel: cheerful
  77. Ivana: is the Russian translation of the Hebrew Juana
  78. Zakia: purity of God
  79. Zilla: one who is humble
  80. Zulema: one who loves peace or one who is strong

Names of girls of Jewish origin that we all know

While we know the ones we just mentioned will surprise you, not all Hebrew names are equally unusual. There is a long list of names of Jewish origin that we all know. And they are perfect for babies too!

  1. hell: handsome
  2. Agueda: good-natured
  3. Ana: one who is full of grace
  4. Ariel: Lion of God
  5. Belen: The House of Bread
  6. caramel: God’s vineyard
  7. Carmen: song, music, poem
  8. Daniela: God’s justice
  9. Deborah: industrious as the bee
  10. Helen: he who shines next to the sun
  11. Eleanor: beautiful as the sun
  12. Elijah: Same as before
  13. Eliz: the one with divine promise
  14. Elizabeth: God’s promise
  15. Elsa: one who carries the protection of God
  16. Emmanuel: God is with us
  17. Eva: to live
  18. Gabriella: God is Mighty
  19. precious stone: pearl or precious stone
  20. Hannah: favor or grace
  21. Isabel: oath of God
  22. Isabella: Same as before
  23. Jessica: one who sees
  24. Hymena: one who knows how to listen
  25. Joanna: God is merciful
  26. Joaquina: God will build
  27. Josefa: he who is exalted by God
  28. Joan: one who is faithful to God
  29. Judith: praised by God
  30. Karen: much loved
  31. Lebanon: was the Roman mythological goddess, patroness of newborns
  32. cupcake: comes from “de magdala”, those who were from a village of the same name, on the Sea of ​​Galilee
  33. Manuela: God is with us
  34. Maria. starfish or light in the sea
  35. Mary: variant of the previous one
  36. Michelle: he who is like God
  37. Mireya: delighted
  38. Miriam: prominent
  39. Nazareth: refers to the city where Christ was born
  40. No: delight
  41. Naomi: sweetness, kindness
  42. palm tree: the one who comes from the city of Las Palmas
  43. Raphael: one who is healed by God
  44. Raquel: The sheep of God
  45. Rebecca: the captivating or the one who is beautiful. In the Old Testament she is Isaac’s wife and second niece.
  46. Rebecca: variant of the above
  47. Ruth: friend or ally
  48. Salome: peaceful
  49. Samantha: a flower
  50. Samira
  51. Sarah: princess
  52. barns: a princess or lady
  53. Sarai: variant of the previous one
  54. seraphina: this was the bronze serpent that Moses made
  55. Simon: God is listening
  56. Susanita: lily
  57. Tamara: means palm tree
  58. Sugar: desert or flower

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