The state has accumulated more than 112 missing girls

Chihuahua, Chi.- Jocelyn, Eileen, Alexa, and Alondra are just four of the more than 112 girls who have been missing since 2019. According to the Attorney General’s Office, from 2021 to June 2022, a total of 66 girls and teenagers were missing Quality is missing.

Two new cases have been presented in recent days; They are a one-year-old girl, Aileen Aleidy Calvillo Rodriguez, and another thirteen-year-old girl, Jocelyn Escareño Gallardo.

According to the statistics, in 2019 there are 19 cases of girls and adolescents with a record of absence, of which two are from 0 to 11 years old, and the remaining 17 are from 12 to 17 years old.

Regarding 2020, there were 27 victims, five of them from 0 to 11 years and 22 from 12 to 17, which gives a total of 46 in these two years, while in 18 months, as previously stated, They have 66 absences , which represents an increase in the number of reports and adds a total of 112 missing girls since 2019.


The most recent disappearances are those of Eileen Aleidy Calvillo Rodriguez, a one-year-old girl whose whereabouts are unknown.

According to the certificate issued by the authority, she is one year and one month old, 95 centimeters tall, weighs 8 kilograms 900 grams, has a pink complexion and a light complexion.

His hair is straight, wavy, dark brown, he has round big brown eyes, a straight nose and asymmetrical lips.

As specific features, Eileen has a dimple on her left cheek, has four front teeth, and her left rib is higher.

As for Jocelyn Escareño Gallardo, she was last seen in the neighborhood of Vicente Guerreca on October 8.

The teenager is of Mexican nationality, measuring 152 centimeters, weighing 55 kilograms, white skin and slim, he also has dark, straight, short hair, brown eyes, an oval face, a medium nose and thin lips.

As special marks, the girl has a burn scar on the left side of her torso, reaching the middle of her leg, and she wears braces.


Alexa, 13, was taken from her home in the early hours of June 5; but not only that, but minutes before that, the aggressor shot the girl’s mother multiple times, who had to be taken to the hospital; the alleged perpetrator: Pablo Gerardo GM, alias “El Yayo”.

The state attorney’s office said El Yayo has an open sex crimes investigation, adding to inquiries into what happened.

In addition, according to journalistic data, Pablo Gerardo has already participated in other criminal acts, including the murder of a woman who in life corresponds to the name Yesenia Rodriguez Barrera and an attempt to kill a man.

The authority indicated that an ongoing search operation is currently underway to try to locate the girl as well as the alleged abductor and aggressor of Ms. Marisol N.

The fear and desperation of not knowing anything about Alexa’s whereabouts led her family and friends to launch an impromptu search operation, but they were unsuccessful and have not heard from her.

Before that, photos of the little girl were posted on the bridge, in some city trucks, as well as in nearby establishments, with the caption: “Alexa Nunez wanted, if you see her please call 6146042814.”


Joanna Paola Romero Gonzalez and Jamie Michelle Marta Pineda, 15 and 17 years old respectively, have one thing in common and that is that they are both missing.

As of May 9, 2019, Joanna’s family and friends do not know her whereabouts.

She left CBTIS 114 in the Casas Grandes neighborhood and did not answer her phone or return home.

The young woman was wearing her school uniform; gray skirt, white socks, black shoes, white blouse with CBTIS 114 logo and sky blue sweatshirt.

Joanna Paola Romero Gonzalez is 150 centimeters tall, has a light brown complexion with straight dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and moles on her chin and disappeared after leaving CBTIS 114.

Yeimi Michelle Marta Pineda, was last seen in August 2021, in the neighborhood of Los Álamos in the municipality of Aldama, since then; They haven’t heard her either.

According to the description in the report, he is 1.65 meters tall, weighs about 60 kilograms, with a thin build, light brown complexion, dark and brittle hair, large black eyes and a round face with a small nose and lips.


Nine-year-old Alondra Nolasco Corpus disappeared from her bed in the early hours of September 18, 2017, and to this day, nothing is known about her or the alleged perpetrator, Ramiro CC, the minor’s step-grandfather.

Her mother, Jessica Corpus, searched tirelessly for her until October 14 last year, the day she lost her life due to an illness that forced her to be hospitalized for several weeks at IMSS Morelos Hospital.

When the events take place, the girl’s step-grandfather is 48 years old and is arrested by officers of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Women; he was questioned as one of the suspects, but it was found that there were no results and no evidence, and they decided to let him go.

Ramiro S. fled the state of Chihuahua, and according to newspaper reports, the same investigative agents mentioned that he was going to Sinaloa, with no definitive result yet.

As part of the strategies of the prosecution, 100,000 pesos has been offered for a long time to anyone who provides information or any data that allows to discover the whereabouts of Ramiro S.

Alondra, Joanna, Jocelyn, Eileen, Yeimi, Alexa and hundreds of other girls and teenagers are unable to return home, and despite the fact that authorities say they are working hard to locate and fully identify them, on the official website of The General Prosecutor’s Office has no real data on the victims.

On entry, there are queries from years ago or not even uploaded, not to mention there are several others that, although already located, have not been removed as such.

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