Animated brides and an almost full agenda, these are the wedding predictions for 2023

The past few years, with the coronavirus pandemic, have been particularly difficult for couples planning their big wedding celebrations. Despite the fact that this 2022 has already developed practically without restrictions, many of the suppliers who work in the sector of wedding celebrations are still missing the numbers of the year 2019.

During the pandemic every time more couples chose to have their wedding before a notary public, who could advise them not only on the legal benefits that a marriage might have, but also on the measures to take in case of separation. In Galicia, a historical record was broken with 571 ties scored in this way.

However, for the next year 2023, the couples have other plans and some of them are already showing their influence on the economy of the sector. Some event organizers such as Sylvia Lourido, of Sylvia’s Council, already have a partially filled agenda for next summer’s weddings. “People are in a hurry and book much earlierwe have 60% completed agenda, and for the summer months we no longer have space,” said the organizer.

All of this is in contrast to what other sellers, like Vanessa Laredo of Patuca in Pontevedra, have seen. Patukka is a shop specializing not only in invitation printing, but also in accessories and dresses for guests and brides. “This year we realized that people are coming at the last minute. To get the dress and even send out the invitations.”

The seller hopes that from October and November there will be more demand for printing cards that show the dates of marriage in the coming year 2023.”Most people wait until the holidays, Christmas and New Year’s to start handing out invitations. so we hope that the wave of work will come to us a little later”.

Lively brides and waiting for great parties

What can never wait is the wedding dress, something that Loli Kahlo of Tulle Novias in Boirot knows all the details about. The venue manager has been working with designers for years and shows Galician brides the fashion options on their special day. Kahlo explains that more and more women arrive at her door looking for her perfect dress. “Many busy brides are already starting to arrive to have their perfect wedding. We have scheduled times to test the new collections,” says the saleswoman.

Kahlo explains that many are especially excited to be able to celebrate their wedding in a big way. “This year there were already weddings without restrictions, but next year I think people are now looking to throw great parties. They want normality and right now we have it”.

Although every bride is different, each arrives at the store with an idea. Both Calo and Laredo point out that many don’t know what they want until they’ve tried different options. Something that is surprising this year, for example in Laredo, is that many strive to have a touch of color in general, even if it is not in the dress. “Lately we are I am selling beautiful pink heels“, he commented.

Inflation and budget uncertainty

However, the wedding industry is no stranger to inflationary issues that can affect bride and groom budgets. Lourido points out that an average budget for a wedding with about 100 guests is about 35,000 eurosbut soon boardrooms will have to gradually increase prices.

Some, like Pazo do Tambre, in Outes, are reluctant to do so, although they comment that they will have to do so in the future. “Now it costs us 20% more to prepare a menu than last yearwe try not to, but we have to transfer at least 10% of the increase to the final price,” says Javier Hurtado, space manager.

The price increase also affects what you spend on invitations or even the options you have. In Pattukka, they started to notice him in recent months, especially when the catalog brands they were working with were starting to have trouble restocking. “There are a lot of color options or designs that we no longer have because companies don’t print them.You always try to guide couples to the options available, but now there aren’t as many as there used to be” says Laredo.

Despite everything, many see recovery as the next possible thing. Loli Kahlo, for example, hopes sales of the dresses will fully recover in 2023, while Hurtado hopes bookings will make the Pazo weddings. “We are slowly going, we already have people calling to reserve and we are very pleased How’s it going. This year we managed to reach only 85% compared to 2019, but I believe that next year we will be able to achieve the same benefits.”

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