They regulate the work of horse treatment centers with an ordinance

The approved regulations regulate various aspects of the spaces such as construction conditions, materials and professionals to perform.

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The equine treatment centers or horse-assisted therapy from Mar del Plata were officially regulated through a ordinance which was approved this week in the advisory board and which defines those characteristics and requirements that the spaces must meet in order to function. Accessibility, hygiene and safety conditions and the work of professional and interdisciplinary work teams, in addition to animal health requirements, are some of the points contained in the regulations.

The ordinance was approved at the last Council session after several months of debate in internal committees and changes incorporated in the original wording proposed by the managing councilor Agustin Neme.

Equine therapy is defined, according to the norm, as all that therapeutic and complementary of traditional medical therapies applied in the processes of rehabilitation of children, adolescentswithcents and adults which present pathologies or limitations on a neuromuscular, psychological, cognitive and social level through the use of a healthy, certified and trained horse under the guidance of trained professionals.

This activity is intended facilitate social integration, improve the quality of life and contribute to the overall rehabilitation of people in a mental, emotional and physical aspect, with the horse being the mediator and central element of ltherapeutic practice”, defines the regulations that will enter into force after it is promulgated and regulated by the municipal administration.

According to the new regulation, equine treatment center which are in operation will be able to continue to develop their activities in the conditions they are in, but they will have a maximum period of two years for adaptation and so making relevant extensions or modifications to the building.

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The Ordinance specifies thisOwnership of centers may correspond to human or legal entities, whether public, private or mixed, and may or may not be for profit.

Between building characteristics with which must have appeared those already in force in the municipal ordinances regarding requirements for submission, permit and operation of its establishments, precisely in relation to hygiene and safety, as well ason animal health issues. In addition, they must meet the conditions of accessibility for people with reduced mobility and must have customer service areas with first aid kit, accessible bathrooms, with provision of water and electricitycity.

They should have too at least a limited and fenced flat track Y stables, boxes or pens according to the animals to ensure their cleanliness, shelter, food, rest and general well-being.

Regarding tracks, they should have pplatform or access ramp to mount and dismount; mconventional and adapted seams, flask, laps, brakes, belts, epaulettes, epaulettes, pads, aprons, straps; ° Сdisgust; and meducational materials for usersyou.

In terms of human resources, the ordinance provides that the premises shall have an professional, interdisciplinary team and with specialties in the various techniques applied to conducting equine therapy. “Notwithstanding the above, they can evolve activities work team intervention therapieswith external specialists accompanying the patient”, reads the text of the standard.

In addition, the ordinance provides that establishments shall have a withemergency medical care which covers all people who practice the activity and a withveterinary or medical care veterinary to ensure the good condition of the animals.

On the other hand, for the practitioners of the activity, it is expected that they must have medical certificate of physical fitnesswhere the medical diagnosis or that of an appropriate specialist and the request of the physician requesting the therapy are recorded.

“In our town there are specialized centers that perform a huge task and together with them we work to ensure that our city has a regulatory framework once and for all. We are working hard to make this happen and it fills me with happiness because this ordinance will allow us to continue to professionalize the activity and promote access to it for the people who need it,” said Councilor Agustin Neme.

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