100 Canadian Girl Names

Are you waiting for the future queen of the house? Don’t miss out on the options Canada has in store for you.

100 Canadian Girl Names

Last update: October 16, 2022

Canada has always been a multicultural country. You only have to look at its Francophonie, despite the fact that it is a territory located in North America, to understand this fact. That’s why, if you want a global option to call the future queen of the house, you can’t miss the following Canadian names for a girl

A curated list of Canadian girl names

Since the Middle Ages, as confirmed by research conducted by Juan Francisco Maura of the University of Vermont, It is the Basque and Portuguese fishermen who use the word “cañada” to name this country. It later evolved into its current name.

This fact, together with the great powers that have influenced this territory (among others, France or the United States), justify a country that includes different cultures. Although it also emits its own aroma. Therefore, it is not surprising that Canadian names cause great anticipation among parents around the world.

Names from A to B

  1. Hell: comes from the German word Athal, which alludes to the “noble parentage” of the little girl.
  2. Adeline: comes from France and means “noble”.
  3. Adin: for one who is “noble and adorned,” this Hebrew name is perfect.
  4. Adrian: of French origin, it refers to “he who comes from the sea”.
  5. Amy: It comes from French and means “beloved”.
  6. Alana: alludes in Celtic to the girl who is “bright and beautiful.”
  7. Alda: is the female version of Aldo. In this sense, its origin is uncertain, but it is believed to be descended from the Germanic Lombards and Celts. In any case, Canadian parents were particularly captivated by this name for the little one in the house.
  8. Alida: is the Canadian variant of Aida, a Greek name meaning “elegant and noble”.
  9. Albanian: is the feminine variant of the Basque name Alban, which in turn comes from the Latin name of the city Alba Longa.
  10. Lie: A name in Hebrew that alludes to a person who is “exalted” or “exalted.”
  11. Althea: variant of the Greek name Althaia. This comes from the term still, meaning “healing”.
  12. Amanda: a variant of Amy, which alludes to “the one to be loved.”
  13. Athens: of Greek origin, defines the “wise” girl.
  14. From: comes from French and means “noble”.
  15. Aureli: with the same origin as the previous variant, alludes to “gold”.
  16. Amelia: means “work” in German.
Canada inspires with its wild nature, tranquility and love for mother earth.

Names from C to M

  1. Cherry: of French origin, means “honey”.
  2. Gael: also from French, meaning “blessed and bountiful.”
  3. Georgette: means “farm girl” in French.
  4. Geraldine: defines “brave and strong woman” in Gaelic.
  5. Gertrude: comes from the German name Gertrude. In this sense, it is a compound of German (“copy”) and true (“faithful, precious”). Thus his translation would allude to the “true and precious copy.”
  6. Greta: is the diminutive of Margarita, so it also alludes to the “pearl of great price.”
  7. Gwendolyn: Derived from Celtic and alludes to the “sacred ring” or the woman “with white eyelashes”.
  8. Jonah: it’s a Russian version of the prophet Jonah, but Canadian parents choose it as one of the most popular choices for girls.
  9. Irene: variant of the Greek name, which alludes to “peace”.
  10. Madeline: means “woman of Magdala”. This is the city on the Sea of ​​Galilee where Saint Mary Magdalene was born.
  11. Falklands: the proper name was coined by the Scottish writer James Macpherson for one of the characters in his Ossian chants in the 18th century.
  12. Marcia: a female derivative of the Roman god of war Mars.
  13. sea: French form of Marina.
  14. Marita: is Margaret’s variant.
  15. Marjolein: means “oregano” in French.
  16. Marjorie: medieval variant of Margaret.
  17. Maya: Derived from the Greek and referring to “godmother, nurse or mistress”.
  18. Maxine: of Latin origin, refers to “greatest”.

Canadian Girl Names: M to Z

  1. Melia: alludes to “ashes, sweetness, or honey” in Greek.
  2. Melinda: of Greek origin, it alludes to the “beauty of the dragon,” or also designates the “harmonious woman,” according to its Hebrew meaning.
  3. Melanie: French variant of the Greek name Melania, meaning “black or dark.”
  4. Honey: on the one hand, it may be the diminutive of the Latin name Milagros; on the other hand, it would have a Slavic origin and would allude to the one who is “loved by her people”.
  5. Mildred: means “delicate power” in Anglo-Saxon.
  6. Dear: of English origin, means “who is for me”.
  7. Mitzi: comes from Germanic to refer to the “small” part of the house.
  8. monkey: It is said to come from Irish and mean “noble”, although its origin is also thought to be of Gaelic or Greek origin.
  9. Muguette: This is a plant with a very old French tradition. On May 1, this beautiful flower is given as a gift in Paris to wish good luck to loved ones. It is also known as “lily of water”.
  10. Mirna: is the anglicized form of the Gaelic name Muirne, meaning “dear and kind”.
  11. hope: A Russian and Slavic name that alludes to “hope”.
  12. Viviana: is one of the variants of the Latin name Bibiana.
  13. Vivienne: this is the French version of the previous option, which refers to “one who lives intensely”.
  14. Wilde: of Germanic origin, meaning “willow”.
  15. Wilma: is a variant of Wilhelmina that comes from the German words villa (“Will and steering wheel (“Protection”).
  16. Winona: It comes from the North American Dakota tribe. In this sense, he alludes to the “firstborn” in the family.
  17. Zoe: of Greek origin, refers to “a woman full of life.”
  18. Dawn: means “sunrise” in Slavic.

Canadian names for both sexes

Canada serves as an inspiration to other countries for its modernity. Indeed, as reflected in an investigation published in 2021, his Feminist Foreign Policy aims to serve as an international example. And, of course, this is also reflected in the beauty contained in the variety of their names.

In this sense, there is more and more Canadian parents choosing options unisex, suitable for both boy and girl, when deciding on her daughter’s name. If you are also looking for such an option… Take aim!

The United States and France, among others, have had a great influence on Canada, so their typical names are usually chosen by parents from different parts of the world.

Canadian Unisex Girl Names: A to G

  1. Aden.
  2. Alva.
  3. Amid.
  4. Azaria.
  5. basil.
  6. Casimir.
  7. Charlie.
  8. cherry.
  9. Christine.
  10. Claire.
  11. Eat.
  12. Coral.
  13. Evan.
  14. Gervais.
  15. Gildas.
  16. Goldie.
  17. Gontran.
  18. Gratien.
  19. Gregory.

Names from H to M

  1. Harper.
  2. Hilarion.
  3. honour.
  4. Hunter.
  5. Innocent.
  6. Irini.
  7. Jaden.
  8. Lambert.
  9. Landry.
  10. Lazar.
  11. Lori.
  12. Louison.
  13. Medina.
  14. Mika.
  15. Mine.
  16. See
  17. humble.

Names from N to Z

  1. I’m not going.
  2. Pakome.
  3. Parfait.
  4. Percy.
  5. Ryan.
  6. sky.
  7. Skylar.
  8. Tyler.
  9. I’m going.
  10. Vaclav.
  11. Wilfrid.
  12. Winfred.

The North American and French-speaking country lovingly protects these Canadian girl names

We hope you’ve completely fallen in love with the options Canadian parents have chosen to name their future daughters. As you may have already seen, they are global names and are steeped in cultures from different countries. In addition, they have their own essence that exudes naturalness, originality and modernity. Just like the future queen of the house will do.

And you? Which one would you stay with? we read you

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