Let children and adolescents be at the center of all public policy: Evelyn Salgado

“Let girls, boys and adolescents be at the center of all public policies, as subjects of rights and as a priority,” said Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda during the opening of the 35th General Assembly of the Mexican Network of Child-Friendly Cities (RMCAN). ) Municipal mapping of the mental health of Mexican children, where he reiterated his commitment and conviction to guarantee the development, integrity, well-being and protection of the rights of this sector with a comprehensive vision.

Before the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Luis Fernando Carrera Castro, the President of the State referred to all the work that has been promoted in the area to offer better living conditions to the children of Guerrero, with safe spaces, non-violent and capable of generating real development.

Salgado Pineda noted that, for the first time, 57 municipalities of Guerrero are part of this effort to find shared solutions originating from the local, with an integrating vision that allows the proposal of better policies for the care and protection of children. “This action is part of an overall strategy that we didn’t start a week ago, we started this strategy from the first moment we protested,” he explained.

For this reason, she pointed out, precise strategies have been put in place that focus on promoting a culture of protection for this sector and eliminating practices that violate their rights, through actions such as the restoration of the Comprehensive System for the Comprehensive Protection of Girls, Children and Adolescents and the full restoration of all municipal agencies dealing with this problem; eradicating forced child marriage and eliminating violence, among others.

“From the mountains, to the coasts, in all the regions of Guerrero, we will not rest until we eradicate this practice in all its modalities, not one step back in protecting our girls and our adolescents, wherever they are, we are will eradicate marriages. forced,” he emphasized.

With the presence of representatives from various municipalities in the country, the head of the state executive invited all who cooperate in this joint action to continue to strengthen the ties of cooperation so that these spaces continue to reproduce, as well as shared policies and strategies to continue working from the communities to promote a new vision focused on the effective protection of rights.

“It is a commitment that is born from the heart, where the word of women and men who share the same desire and the same illusion to eradicate violence from all corners of our country, and above all, to eradicate violence against our women, to our girls and our juniors,” she said.

In turn, the Unicef ​​representative recognized the efforts promoted by Governor Evelyn Salgado, who works clearly and strategically in favor of children. “It is not possible to build a better Mexico, or a better municipality, or a better country, if the lives of children and adolescents are not transformed,” he said.

He trusted that through coordinated work it will be possible to continue focusing efforts to offer new opportunities, eliminate child poverty and increase the level of quality of education in Mexico.

During his participation, Zihuatanejo Mayor Jorge Sánchez Alec highlighted the work of Governor Evelyn Salgado, who is a great promoter of support for children. In his welcome message, he emphasized the importance of this meeting, which aims to map the mental health of Mexican children and propose actions aimed at their protection. “We are confident and committed to improving living conditions through decisive pressure for public policies,” he added.

As part of this act, the president of RMCAN and mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemus Navarro, protested the municipalities that are part of this initiative, highlighting Acatepec, Huacuocingo, Atenango del Río, Atlixtac, Atoyac, Benito Juarez, Cochoapa el Grande, Coppala, Copalillo, General Heliodoro Castillo, Huamuxtitlan, Jose Joaquin de Herrera, Malinaltepec, Petatlan, Pilcaya, San Marcos, Taxco, Tecpan, Tixtla.

This event takes place on October 13th and 14th, where experts on children’s issues will be present and will present workshops, research results, master conferences, among other activities.

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