Guaranteeing the inviolability of children and adolescents

  • Redias calls on the authorities to investigate poisonings in educational institutions

Janet Hernandez / Chiapas Daily Correspondent

Bochil, Chiapas.- The Network for the Rights of Children and Adolescents in Chiapas (Redias) has issued an urgent appeal to the authorities of the State Government to investigate the intoxication of students in the schools of Bochil and Tapachula, possibly due to the consumption of substances illegal
“We remind the authorities of the Ministry of Public Education that Operation Backpack violates the rights to education, privacy, participation and the presumption of innocence of children and adolescents in accordance with Recommendation 48/2019 of the CNDH and was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme court. of justice in February 2021.”
He emphasized that the Protocol for the Prevention of Psychosocial Risks in the Entity’s Schools should consider the best interests of children as the guiding axis, as well as be based on protection and care measures that respect their dignity and that of all people in a school setting. community..
He therefore made an urgent appeal to the state government authorities to investigate the incident to ensure the safety of the students who were victims of this event, as well as the children and adolescents in the educational institutions of the state.
He emphasized that in the last month, intoxications of at least 170 adolescents aged 11 to 15 years were registered in the auxiliary facilities in Tapachula and Bochil municipalities. According to journalistic notes, since last September 6 there has been the first case of intoxication among students of Telesecundaria 388 Ricardo Flores Magón in Tapachula: 10 teenagers had convulsions and fainting.
“Also in this municipality on September 23, the poisoning of 34 students of the Federal Secondary School No. 1 of the Mexican Constitution was registered, which manifested as symptoms of respiratory difficulties, dilated pupils and tachycardia.”
He added that recently, on October 7, 110 students from Juana de Asbaye High School in Bochil municipality showed symptoms of intoxication such as agitation, hallucinations and fainting. “Currently, 11 students are still hospitalized, and 1 of them has a serious prognosis. Similarly, 29 mothers and fathers of families have filed criminal reports against the culprits.
He pointed out that in addition to this, on October 11, the latest case of intoxication occurred, again in the municipality of Tapachula: 18 students from the Federal High School No. 1 Constitución showed symptoms of dizziness and vomiting.
“Representatives of the state government mentioned that the reasons and the persons who were involved in these alleged criminal acts are still unknown and announced that in order to prevent them, the School Psychosocial Risk Prevention Protocol will be implemented in all secondary schools in the state. , in the framework of which the realization of operation Ranitsa is considered.
He assured that the Protocol for the prevention of psychosocial risks in the entity’s schools should consider the best interests of children as the guiding axis, as well as be based on protection and care measures that respect their dignity and that of all people in a school setting. community.. The contact of adolescents with prohibited substances makes them victims of crimes, not guilty, and it is the state that must generate strategies and alternatives to protect their rights.
“In the 4 cases, there is evidence that the teenagers were in an intoxicated state. However, it is not clear how these events occurred; Without this information, the state’s response to criminalize students with Operation Backpack, which frames them as potential criminals, is troubling.
Finally, Redias argues that these facts reveal the inability of the state to effectively protect children and adolescents and demonstrate the degree of decay of the social fabric that exists in Chiapas, as well as the defenselessness of the child and adolescent population in the face of the escalation of criminal groups and drug trafficking .

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