There was a big call for a day of solidarity in support of girls and women in Afghanistan

  • Democracy, freedom, gender equality and the human rights of ethnic and religious minorities were some of the issues that were voiced in this major appeal, which seeks to show solidarity with the situation that Afghan women and girls are facing because of the Taliban.

As part of the global campaign #StopHazaraGenocide, held in more than 80 cities around the world, the Ronda Foundation together with the Afghan Chile Cultural Foundation, the Legal Clinic of the University Diego Portales and Hay Mujeres held a Day of Solidarity over the weekend with the women and girls of Afghanistan who live in our country.

The global campaign was launched after the KAJ Education Center in Kabul city was attacked by Taliban terrorists on September 30, leaving more than 80 injured and 56 killed, all of them girls and young women.

The emotional day allowed people from the Afghan community in Chile, who are mostly refugees, to contextualize the attendees about the situation experienced by women and girls in Afghanistan, but above all, the purpose of this example was already fulfilled that men, women and children were able to performed rituals specific to their culture to say goodbye and honor their compatriots who lost their lives in the attack, which was classified as a suicide by Amnesty International.

The meeting included a solidarity block of the Chilean people with Afghan women and girls and was led by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente, Coordinator of RSI and content development of the Rhonda Foundation, who states: “This day of solidarity calls us to empathize with the pain of the Khazarian people and engage in active solidarity, because human suffering is not a viral phenomenon, it continues when it’s not news. The call is to develop a social practice that promotes the inclusion of the Afghan community in Chile, especially women and girls who are the first to be affected by violence in their country of origin and the social vulnerability that comes with being a refugee or migrant. »

For their part, in the Afghan block, the Karimi couple contextualizes the situation experienced by the Afghan people with the advance of the Taliban, while also explaining why the world is calling to stop the genocide of the Hazara people. Zahra Karimi reflected on her role as a primary school teacher, and this attack touched her even more. At the end of her speech, she thanked the audience, saying: “Thank you to all the friends who were with us that day and took us by the hand and joined our countrymen and we were able to raise a voice for the martyrs and the poor of my land”

Representatives of ACNUR Chile, the Migrant Office of the Municipality of San Joaquin, the Ministry of the Interior, YWAM conspired, among others. The call to all speakers is to show solidarity with this cause that seeks to protect and raise its voice for the rights of girls, adolescents, women, ethnic and religious minorities who suffer from the violation of their fundamental rights by the Taliban terrorist regime. “As a community, we dream of that day when Chile and Afghanistan can understand that their values ​​and protection of certain pillars are the same; democracy, freedom, human rights of ethnic and religious minorities,” emphasized Mustafa Danesh, cultural manager of the Afghan community.

In this same context, an appeal was made to those who understand and feel moved by the complex situation in which the Afghan people find themselves, in particular their girls, adolescents and women, can write to as well as adhere to an open letter to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality of our country confirming the commitment made by Chile in its election as a member of the Human Rights Council of the Organization of the united nations. To sign the letter and strongly say #StopHazaraGenocide, click on the link:

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