Socorro ISD promotes careers in cybersecurity

To talk about the field of cybersecurity study and careers in computer science, the director of the United States Cybersecurity Agency visited Socorro Independent School District’s (SISD) School for Advanced Technology Applications – SATA Academy.

During the conversation held with students, the high-ranking federal official emphasized the importance of cybersecurity today, as well as its future in technology and computing.

Jen Easterly, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, leads a meaningful conversation with about 40 juniors and seniors enrolled in SATA Academy, one of SISD’s premier advanced academies.

“I’m very excited to be here, and I’m very excited about the emphasis this district puts on technology and computer science, because you don’t see that everywhere,” Easterly said.

He added: “I’m really trying to make sure we have this across the country. So that’s very impressive.”

On her first visit to El Paso and SISD’s Eastlake High School, Easterly discussed various topics related to her duties as CISA director and gave them advice to consider as they study and pursue careers in computer science.

The nation’s chief cybersecurity officer, who was appointed by the president, is charged with leading the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s efforts to understand, manage, and reduce risk to the physical and cyber infrastructure that Americans depend on every day.

Based on her past experience, Easterly has focused her efforts on the department’s internship programs and was “eager” to share that agency internships allow participants to learn about topics such as threat hunting, incident response, vulnerability management and working with partners in the technology industry and the private sector.

“It’s about ability and attitude, because in this area of ​​cybersecurity, we’re really looking for, first and foremost, people who want to protect the nation, but also people who are collaborative and people who are fun to work with.” he said.

In his presentation to the students, he stated that it’s really important to get the right cultural setup in place and what we’re looking for is to try to build an agency where people wake up in the morning and are very enthusiastic about what they do. .. “to be inspired by their leaders and feel like they’re making an impact every day,” she said.

“When I heard she was coming, I almost couldn’t believe it,” said Olivia Avila, a senior at Eastlake High’s SATA Academy.

And that is that, for her, the SATA program itself has brought her forward in some respects. Although there is still much to learn, I appreciate that the District is able to provide these opportunities. I think that was a major memory and I’ll be able to walk away from it very enlightened and educated.”

According to the teaching team, the opportunity was made possible by Socorro ISD’s innovative work in preparing students for post-secondary education and careers with a focus on technology and computing with the renowned SATA Academy.

At the end of the conversation, the students agreed with the federal official to maintain the academic level to successfully complete a career in cybersecurity, which is about preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks that can affect people widely. , organizations, community and the nation.

During the round of questions, students expressed interest in the experiences gained in the field and how minorities and women are involved in computing and technology.

SISD Assistant Superintendent Hector Reyna called Dr. Easterly’s presentation “amazing and invaluable,” saying that “her goal here was to make sure our young students are aware of cybersecurity.”

SISD’s principal pointed out that cybersecurity technology is essential at this time across the country and around the world, so the visit opened up many opportunities for SISD students and was special because they spoke with the leader and an expert on the subject.

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