What is happening to child care in Colombia?

In People 20 we talk about childhood, about the panorama of boys and girls in the country from the point of view of the protection of their rights and the policies of the institutions responsible for the protection of their rights. This about the murder of the child Gabriel Esteban Cubillos last weekend in a hotel in Melgar. The high rates of violence against minors were discussed; recent data on sexual violence and other violations of their rights.

Any public policy that seeks to influence childhood or laws such as the Children and Adolescents Act 2006 aim at the comprehensive protection of children and young people, as well as the promotion of their rights and an approach that aims to avoid any violence. , the reality seems to be different. The 2018 National Survey on Violence Against Children and Adolescents reveals that 41% of this important population group experienced some form of violence at some point in their childhood, in the case of violence such as sexual violence, it was 15% for women and 7 .8 in men.

Today we once again put the spotlight on the landscape of children’s rights following the horrific crime against the boy Gabriel Esteban in a hotel in Melgar by his father, as indicated so far by authorities and investigations. A case in which the mother of the minor reported domestic violence in the family police stations, she received attention, but today the Prosecutor’s Office is checking whether the child is also subject to the said protection; It is one of 426 children killed so far this year, according to Legal Medicine, 30 more than during the same period in 2021.

These cases would be closely related to domestic violence, as cases like Gabriel Esteban’s are known as secondary abuse, where parents resort to violence against their children to harm their partners and ex-partners. In this sense, more than 3,800 cases of domestic violence have been reported so far in 2022, but at this moment the numbers of violence do not stop because this week the National Police revealed through “Operation Maria Goretti” that so far this year there have been 24 thousand cases of sexual violence; 434 murders, 140 kidnappings and 117 extortions of minors, a problem that should immediately attract the attention of everyone in society.

What the panelists say

About Olga Albornoz, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Doctor of Neurodevelopment, Professor at Universidad del Rosario and Mental Health Consultant, the axis should be prevention, but he warns that the first problem is that of the ICBF, bad budget and bad management, even commenting that the person in charge there has no knowledge of administering these things, nor of childhood or adolescence. He added that the ICBF leadership is like a threatening entity, more than a protector, “people don’t go because of the fear they have.” He explained that there is also a close connection with mental health,

“There’s a lot of talk about it, but good mental health is about how people treat others, it’s not synonymous with the absence of mental illness.”

María Cristina Hurtado, lawyer, former delegate for the rights of women, children and adolescents at the Office of the Ombudsman, consultant on human rights and IHL for children, stressed that there is an under-reporting of the figures on violence against children, “thousands of girls are victims of sexual exploitation by adults. The bodies of boys and girls are being exploited and this is violence; in the physical case, the state fails in its prevention duties.” , that in matters such as ICBF and police station investigations measures are taken where custody is shared, “the operator must determine the degree of danger to the other members of the family nucleus”.

Regarding the case of the boy Gabriel Esteban, he assured that if he had acted without negligence, the boy would have been alive because he would have been in the hands of his mother’s protection, “what this man did could have been the murder of a woman,” he confirmed.

This was explained by Ivan Cancino, criminal lawyer, university professor and columnist previous juvenile restraining orders do not affect the presumption, as he believes they can go hand in hand. “The government protects the woman and the child, which should be binomial,” explaining that it is paradoxical and incomprehensible to have a measure of domestic violence against the woman and not against the minor, “leaving out that there can be violence against the minor; lack of control”.

He explained that the criminal law does not solve the country’s problems, but punishes them and even assured that he does not want us to bury more children and put more people in prison, “the state must interfere”.

For Constanza Jerez, coordinator of Niñez Ya, andThis is a country sick with violence. He stressed that the law is not followed properly, but we must prevent it first of all, “the social system of the ICBF is not working properly”, as he stressed that the ICBF has backlogs in the juvenile code, “there is an object of protection , not an object of rights, and this fundamentally changes the approach. Also in the institutional architecture and what happened to Gabriel proves it”.

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