These are the six habits that have made self-made millionaires successful

Becoming a person with a lot of money is not a matter of luck; it involves hard work, fearlessness and a growth mindset. Writer and author of Rich Habits, Tom Corley, studied how millionaires organize and use their time, engaging with 233 high-net-worth individuals over 5 years.

After recognizing the keys these successful people used to create their wealth, Corley identified six principles common to all of them. The author points out that, in addition, these keys are for everyoneso if one wants to succeed professionally one can work with them.

continuous training

About the millionaires interviewed by the author, constant learning and the ability to autonomously improve They were priorities.

For example, 49% of these people spend several minutes a day learning new words and 61% say they practice new skills at least two hours a day. Some examples are taking online classes or playing sports.

63% of these millionaires say they listen to audiobooks on their way to and from work. In addition, a high percentage (71%) said that I used to read self-help and personal development books.. Finally, a large number of these people are attracted by the biographies of other successful people.

They prefer to listen rather than talk

One strategy Corley hears about in many of his interviews is the “5:1 rule.” Successful people report that in group meetings, they committed to listening for 5 minutes for every minute they intervened.

This rule helps them strengthen their working relationships while gaining diverse perspectives on the issue at hand. Also, 81% of millionaires said they are actively seeking feedback from their contactsdaily, both inside and outside your workspace.

They make great teams

In his study, Tom Corley points out that 86% of those interviewed work an average of 50 hours per week or more, but they are not alone. The success of many depends on the fact that they focused on their strengths and in turn managed to expose their weaknesses.

If these people do not possess a certain skill, delegate the relevant responsibility to someone in command of the field. With it, the millionaire can then focus on a bigger vision, having more time and energy to devote to it.

There is also the fact surround yourself with like-minded people. This made it easier for them to reach the end with their own goals.

they dream big

According to Corley, many of his successful interviewees used a strategy the author calls “Dream Thinking.” This consists of sit down and write what a perfect, ideal life would look like for themif you look ten years into the future.

For example, one of the millionaires had a passion for wine and thought he could make a fortune by investing in it. Although his family and friends doubted this possibility, he declares that he has made up his mind on the matter.

In 15 years he became an expert in the wine industry. In 2001, he liquidated a small part of his collection and with it he was able to buy his dream house located on the coast of Florida. This guy reached $4 million in revenue and all because he refused to give up on an idea he believed in.

They prioritize their own health

Good health translates into longevity, and this, in turn, suggests the possibility of greater wealth. For example, a millionaire woman had problems with her weight for a long time. One day it occurred to him to walk a mile a day (1.61 kilometers), which the next month became two, then three…

When Corley interviewed her, the millionaire claimed to have run three marathons. Other than that, same attributes his energy, focus and drive to succeed in part to these fitness goals gradually changed his life.

They make their own luck

Here, Tom Corley warns that he is not talking about gambling, of the kind of luck you have or don’t have in Las Vegasa place where 94% of the millionaires he interviewed said they never gamble.

The luck the author talks about does not imply chance, but betting on something new. Many of the successful individuals shared the ability to glimpse what is invisible to othersas well as offering creative solutions and alternative paths to success.

In the end, persistence creates new opportunitiesand luck ultimately comes to those who refuse to give up on their goals and dreams.


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