Tarancon will have a private Center for the Study of Sport and Physical Activity (CEDAF)

This private vocational training center will teach an intermediate training cycle for a guide technician in natural and leisure environments and a higher degree cycle for a physical training technician, both with 17 school places.

A few days ago, the DOCM published the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of our region for the opening and launch of a “private specific vocational training center called the Private Sports and Physical Activity Training Center”, its promoter is the director of the Jesus Football School de la Osa, coach of Getafe’s youth team and former coach of CD Tarancón, who promoted that team to the current third category of the RFEF, Jorge Canete, who we spoke to could tell us at the San Isidro football ground.

What can Jorge tell us about it?
Well, yes, in the end we managed to open a Physical Activity Training Center in Tarancon and I am very happy and satisfied, so I would like to thank many people who cooperated in the project, both the Municipal Council and external company that has placed your grit for you to bring. This is an average level of physical activity and higher.
But due to the rush and slowness of the process, the permission arrived very late, at this point the students already have their seats and it will be very difficult for us to start this course. It’s true that we have 10 middle classes that we can’t let go and we’re trying to push that class forward. The superior will not be able to be, but we already have it for the future this center that gives the opportunity to study professional training just as students leaving ESO or Baccalaureate can already do it in Tarancón.

The resolution of 17 places for each degree speaks…
Yes, it is, due to classroom sizes. We had asked for 25 but I think 17 is fine. Hopefully one day we will have to request and get the extension. As classrooms we will use the Youth Center and then the sports facilities of Tarancón, the swimming pool, the pavilion, the municipal stadium and the gym for training. That is, they will be municipal facilities.

Requirements to access these loops…
For Intermediate you must have completed ESO and for Higher you must have completed Baccalaureate and from there choose one of the two modules depending on the orientation you want. The middle one is more nature oriented, the pool, and the upper one is more about fitness, personal training, water activities, etc.

Do you think a center with these characteristics is needed?
Yes, I think it was necessary and I think it will be successful for the next school year when we start working on it, around March, April, the offer will certainly be completed, especially for the middle class. Higher, maybe the guys leaving high school are more on the way to a university career, despite the fact that whoever starts middle class will eventually become higher, because in the medium and long term we will form an important wheel. When these students are seen to have a professional opportunity and a future, that will be when we can complete the training of all applicants.

The fully approved Center for Regulated Degrees?
Yes, of course, as a delegated center, we are another center that has the same requirements for teachers and the curriculum that is required of public education, that is, it has the same guarantees and degrees are for general education as in any public institute in the region . The teaching staff will have their own degrees, teaching qualifications, etc. We want to be a pioneering and reference center that covers not only the local area of ​​Tarancon, but also the region. In fact, among the current demand we have students from Huete, Barajas Horcajo and even from the capital Cuenca. There are people who have stayed in some center and want to train here.

You say you’re a pioneer, Jorge?
Yes, there is one in each province, in Cuenca there is Grisolia, public, but privately we are pioneers in the region throughout Castilla-La Mancha, as private.

Being a pioneer has its risks, will there be many eyes on the centre?
Of course I spoke to a friend who gives me a cable and he told me that when you start a company it’s a risk, you might not arrive, you might not finish or as it happens with us when the approval comes so late that it can’t go out cycle. But the important thing is that we already have it, it’s approved and we’re there. And in the end, I know that we all did a good job, for which I am very grateful to the Municipal Council, the Municipal Sports Office, the municipal architects, the external companies that participated and made it possible to have a Center that is difficult to have, so there are few even at the national level with these cycles. This means that our educational project meets all the requirements to start.

Will it be accessible to area economies?
What we need to analyze is how much it costs us when we have to go study abroad, as moving involves renting apartments or residences, etc. etc. and the prices we have are well below what it’s worth to go study to graduate. There are parents who have done this analysis and our prices and are happy with what we offer. If we can increase the number of students in the future, they can certainly decrease even more.

Can students access any kind of official course help from the cycles you have here?
Yes, of course they can apply for scholarships from the Ministry of Education, we even help them make the right application so that they can get it and we will be happy for them to get it because we know how expensive it is for parents when we go to we are learning and would like to be able to help.

Another interesting training offer for Tarancon and the region promoted by this young athlete. Good luck and success.


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