Mexico is a long way from creating a level playing field for girls: Carla Humphrey


  • There is no public office that is only for men.

Elda Montiel

SemMéxico, Mexico City, October 12, 2022 – Mexico is far from creating a level playing field for girls in terms of access to education, health, entertainment or not doing housework, so efforts must be redoubled to guarantee their rights , said election consultant Carla Humphrey Jordan in honor of the International Day of the Girl, which was first held by the National Electoral Institute.

In cohabitation with 21 girls from across the country, councilor Humphrey Jordan celebrated that these days exist because they make a difference, because they make visible that all girls and boys have the same rights to decide what they want to do, what they want to study, where to work What kind of life plan do they want to draw?

She also told them that when girls and women make decisions, they change the way those decisions are processed, change work and family environments.

You must banish, he told them, what they had unfortunately heard about the conditions of discrimination, inequality and even violence, not only in Mexico but throughout the world. We need to raise awareness and demand that the authorities guarantee them conditions for exercising their rights and a peaceful life.

Democracy is a form of government in which we must all participate.

“LAs women who have been pushed for many years into decision-making positions, it is time for girls to be empowered, to be leaders, to know that they can participate in their community, in their school, in their family, that it is their right and that no one can refuse them”, he emphasized.

There are 22 countries that have female heads of state or government. 25 percent of parliaments in the world are occupied by women. For the first time in the history of our country, we have something very relevant: there are nine female governors, and for the first time, our Chamber of Deputies is composed of even more women than men, for the first time in our history, and the Senate, as it consists of 50 percent.

He told them: “All positions are for all women and all girls.” There is no position at the level of any local community, no state, no municipality and of course at the national level; this may be for men only.

Women and girls have every right to participate and when they are 18 years old to vote and vote, therefore we must fight to guarantee these rights.

Councilor Claudia Zavala Pérez, when welcoming the girls, explained to them that the International Day of the Girl exists because we live in a society where women and therefore girls are segregated and made on the one hand to make us invisible in what is public and they kept us busy with the housework.

Women, girls were entrusted with household duties, the care of sons, daughters and everything that represented the private environment.

10 years ago, the issue was made so relevant as to make it visible, to make it clear that women, especially girls, are also part of this public space, this space that is not private, but that you have to enter these spaces that belong to all Mexicans and where one day you can also collaborate in the public sphere.

She explained to the invited girls that where they are sitting are the councilors who, organized in a General Council, make decisions on important issues such as the renewal of powers, we organize elections, so that every six years the president changes, the president of the Republic, men and female senators and every three years male and female MPs.

Electoral adviser Adriana Favela Herrera also invited girls to remember that every October 11 is celebrated as the International Day of the Girl Child, to give them the opportunity to make decisions with the progressive autonomy they have to guide their path.

The event was welcomed by INE’s Electoral Education and Civic Education Executive Director, Roberto Heyher Cardiel, and ended with a cultural storytelling activity with Gloria Avila.


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