Two girls see their mother killed and justice does not see trauma – Other views

A woman holds a banner that reads ‘Not one step back, not one less right’ during a women’s rights demonstration April 2, 2022 in Valladolid, Castilla y León, Spain. -Claudia Alba / Europe Press

These days we learned a verdict of the Supreme Court. In it, he reduced eight years to the sentence of a man who slashed his partner’s throat with 83 stab wounds in front of his daughters, whom he left next to the body of their now-murdered mother. I repeat, 83 stab wounds. Throwing 83 strikes isn’t something quick or invisible, it’s something that involves exposure time to these minors for more than a long time. But later, after being abandoned, they stayed with their murdered mother’s body for another seven hours.

Justice said the mental disabilities of the minors, who were four and two years old at the time, were not sufficiently credited. And this despite the fact that it is detailed that they had to receive more than twenty therapy sessions in the foster home and the expertise of psychologists. But it’s not worth it. They say there is no “medical report” nor “medical treatment” to support the diagnosis. They say perhaps what the two girls suffered was more from being left alone during those hours than seeing their mother killed and being with her body for seven hours. Nice comparison. By the way, this woman has previously reported. He even filed for a protection order the next day. Then justice not only did not help her, but even dead her executioner did not receive a fair sentence.

It’s amazing how in more than one situation justice leaves ears for medical or psychological reports. It is impressive how they devote themselves to looking for loopholes and small print in favor of the aggressors and how they do not listen to the victims who are begging for help. Then they say that we journalists worry when we report the news and that we make the victims not report, but no. For this to happen, only justice is sufficient. Because until they see that justice is a safe space and that they can trust it, they won’t, and that’s good not only for them, but for society as a whole and for the reputation of justice itself.

I guess throwing balls is the most profitable way to not change anything. With such sentences, do you know that they are exactly giving arguments to the match gatherings that are sitting on the film sets? What image do you think they give justice to the victim who might want to ask for help today? Well, even though they kill, it may be that if they get a judge who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about (or thinks he does, which is the worst), their aggressor will be happier than themselves. What if. I know it’s doomed. But she’s dead. And his daughters with trauma that is not even recognized.

It is very good that we give space to the students of the Mayor’s College and their machistas, but it is to reflect on the reason why news like this, such as the murder of a woman, happens almost without any significance. Perhaps because we avoid getting to the bottom of institutional violence. Even more so in our justice that with a sentence for the same reason after the case of Angela Gonzalez, it should have caused more sensitivity on this issue.

It used to be World Mental Health Day. And maybe instead of giving so much weight to those who talk about beach bars, we should talk about how machismo generates health, physical and mental problems more than 70% of the time. Let’s talk about the need for their victims to be taken care of from the first minute, even more so when it comes to girls and boys who have lost their mothers because their parents or partners wanted them to. When we talk about gender-based violence, we must also be talking about physical and sexual injuries, but also about the disorders and consequences it causes: anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, adjustment disorders, trauma, addictions, panic attacks or suicide attempts. Let’s talk about how all this time ago many had to pay for help for these disorders or how much they couldn’t handle. Talking about mental health and gender-based violence is necessary. Especially for those who don’t see it, and even more so for those who don’t see it and, moreover, claim to do justice.

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