more vulnerable to various forms of violence

The Governing Council took into account the report prepared on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl, celebrated every October 11, which carried out a gender analysis of the situation of Andalusian children, analyzing data related to vulnerability, education, way of life, mental health or physical activity. The said paper states that girls are more vulnerable to violence, they are encouraged more than boys in the field of education, they do less sports activities and they are the minority group in mental health consultations.

The report states that the Government of the Junta de Andalucía continues to take steps towards a more egalitarian Andalucía free of sexist violence, paying attention to the specific needs of girls, with public policies that integrate them as beneficiaries, and concrete actions that seek to redress marked gender inequalities in childhood from a gender perspective. Thus, the data collected in the document indicate a greater vulnerability of girls to the different forms of violence analyzed, in particular girls suffer more sexual assaults (85.4% compared to 14.6% of boys), they are the main victims of crimes of corruption of minors (in 75.7% of cases) and pornography (60.4%); and furthermore within the family environment they suffer from 59.3% abuse. Similarly, the analysis highlights that also in the new forms of violence through ICT and social networks, girls suffer from 63.3% of cyberviolence and cybercrimes, compared to 36.7% of boys.

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