family judge awarded custody of girl to alleged sex offender. investigations are announced

The National Disciplinary Commission has asked to establish whether the family judge who decided to hand over a minor to her father, who had been reported for sexual abuse, committed a disciplinary offence.

The case will be forwarded to the separate office in Bogotá, which must gather all the evidence to determine whether the judicial officer is steeped in some guilt for his actions.

The case came to light this Tuesday after activist Viviana Vargas Vives released the audio recording of the minor crying as she was handed over by officers to Columbia Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF) to your father.

“Mom, mom! I want to stay with you mom!” is heard in the heartbreaking audio. “This is the reality of children in the protection system. A girl is torn apart by employees of The ICBF, while begging not to be handed over to her father, was convicted of sexually abusing her,” said the activist, who was part of President Gustavo Petro’s splicing team on children’s issues.

According to the complaint, the events took place on September 27 at the ICBF Zonal Center in the city of Barrios Unidos, Bogotá.

“(The girl) is with the abuser right now. She was left with lacerations to her chest and chest when she was violently ripped from her mother’s arms.”Vargas added.

ICBF’s response

Regarding the matter, the ICBF issued a statement stating that “the decision in this case was made by a judge following a process involving both parents and the girl. In accordance with the decision, ICBF provides psychosocial support within the framework of the implementation of the judge’s decision on detention and the regulation of visits”.

The institute adds that “ICBF family advocates and professionals act to ensure the overall protection of children and adolescents. Sexual violence is a serious violation of rights and a major reason why children and adolescents enter protection. For this reason, the Institute has specialized facilities to ensure that they receive immediate attention, in coordination with the health and justice sectors. All the decisions that are made are based on the psychosocial reports of specialized professionals, who take into account the voices and stories of the minors, as well as the versions of their parents and other relatives.

Similarly, the organization pointed out that “at ICBF we respect the institutional framework and believe that judges’ decisions always result from a comprehensive process and respond objectively to guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents”.

In any case, what happened to this minor triggered strong reactions of rejection and further explanations were requested from the ICBF.

One of those who showed their outrage was Historic Pact Senator Alexander Lopez, who assured that “the state cannot fail to protect our children”, while drawing attention to the ICBF.

“I completely reject the actions of ICBF in this case, in which it was supposed to serve as a guarantor to restore the girl’s rights according to the principles and procedures of Law 1098/06, the state cannot fail to protect our children. It’s urgent to get around the victim,” Alexander Lopez said.

The representative of the Chamber of Bogotá, Carolina Arbelaes, also spoke on the matter, saying that she requested “measures to restore the rights of minors”.

Do the officers really not feel the fear and desperation of this minor? Hearing her is heartbreaking, I demand from the ICBF measures to protect and restore her rights immediately. These officials should be investigated,” the congresswoman said.

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