Alianza GUIA’s strategy advances to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents. – Dependency Bulletins

Silao of Victory; October 12, 2022- The System for Integral Development of the Family (DIF) strengthens Social Assistance Centers (CAS) and Civil Society Organizations (OCC) to prevent the institutionalization of children and adolescents, as part of the actions they implement through the GUIA Alliance Strategy: ” Guanajuato United for Children and Adolescents’.

Chairman of the DIF State System Advisory Board Adriana Ramirez Lozano, indicated that they are working with each of the CSOs and SACs in the country to deinstitutionalize children and adolescents without parental care or who are at risk of losing them; “Through great efforts, we seek to ensure that this program remains in Guanajuato and thus prevent more children and adolescents from entering CAS.”

One year after the signing of the agreement with CSO and CAS for the implementation of the State Strategy for the deinstitutionalization of children and adolescents at risk as part of the Alianza GUIA; He pointed out that work is being done to implement and monitor the program and additional services to residential care, which are essential for guaranteeing the rights of children and adolescents without parental care.

“We know that the challenges are not small and that it is necessary to continue working hand in hand, we are only one year away from the launch of Alianza GUIA and you are one of the first institutions that raised their hand and gave us their vote of confidence, something we thank and appreciate,” he said.

In this way, he said that the personnel of the CSOs and CAS of the municipalities of: Irapuato, San Francisco del Rincón, León, Celaya and Salamanca were trained, in which topics such as: Positive education, Adoptive care and Preparation for life were carried out. Independent.

“All these efforts have a clear goal, to ensure that children and adolescents will fully experience their right to live in a family, which directly affects the reduction of cases requiring institutionalization,” he said.

He mentioned that through positive parenting, family strengthening, foster care, independent living and adoption we are moving forward safely and steadily, “more and more people are convinced that this strategy is necessary to change the reality of those who today live under the shelter of some institution, but also preventively, closing the doors to institutionalization”.

“Thank you for being part of this project, for accepting this transformation as necessary and putting the quality of life of children and adolescents first, I am sure that together we will go very far and in this way it is possible to have institutions ready to show the way to families and we give them the opportunity to show that they can be better,” he added. Adriana Ramirez.

First results

In turn, the Director General of the State DIF System Gerardo Trujillo Flores announced that the first results of the GUIA Alliance strategy are now available, in which 19 children and adolescents have already been adopted as part of the actions carried out together with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (PEPNNA). ); In addition, more than 30 children and adolescents in the state were reintegrated into their family nucleus.

Similarly, he mentioned that once the reintegration was done, they worked beforehand with the families so that they were “consolidated and strong” to prevent the same patterns, for that they were psycho-educated so that the changes would be attached; “They are being monitored for that.”

“From the agreement that was signed with the various institutions, in the State DIF, we are progressing to ensure that children and adolescents in Guanajuato can live in a healthy environment and in the family, especially because we provide the tools to achieve a good attitude towards through positive parenting,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that through the program for a strong and organized society, civil society organizations and CAS will be supported to acquire the materials for the follow-up of work plans through positive parenting.


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