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HOHHOT, China, October 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On October 11, to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child (IDG), Yili Group, its Cute Star brand and the “Yili Ark” project are joining forces with the West China Human Resources Development Foundation and the China Development Foundation of rural areas to present the personal safety training initiative ‘Let there be love for every girl’. Now the “Yili Ark” project has crossed borders for the first time.

The initiative seeks to raise safety awareness and create an increasingly safe environment for girls. It has been implemented in various schools at home and abroad, including campuses in China, Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand and will soon be promoted to more than 500 “Yili Safe Campuses” in China.

IDG was announced by General Assembly of United Nations in 2011 to address the challenges facing girls and promote their empowerment and rights. Girls are disadvantaged due to lack of equal opportunities and access to resources and are more vulnerable to social problems. Adequate prevention and response plans are urgently needed in view of recurrent cases of violence against children.

Yili unveils personal safety education initiative for girls on International Day of the Girl (PRNewsfoto/Yili Group)

In response, Yili created a radio gymnastics program called “NONO” that attractively combines morning exercises with chants about body safety practices. The “NONO” Mosquito Patch has appropriate illustrations that highlight which parts of the body should not be touched.

The primary school of Tai Chen in the countryside Hebei, China, one of Yili’s “Safe Campuses”, is a pilot center where Yili cooperates with the local education bureau and sports bureau to host the “NONO” radio gymnastics program. Professor Liang Weibing said the exercise is valuable as it helps children build safety awareness and develop self-defense skills.

The radio gymnastics program “NONO” was later translated into various languages ​​for the students of Myanmar, Indonesia and Thailand. Yili cooperates with the China Rural Development Foundation to implement the “NONO” radio gymnastics program among local female students in Myanmar. mrs Moe Myint Nwedirector of primary school No. 18 of Yangon, acknowledged the positive feedback from students. In addition, the company distributed 48,000 cartons of pure milk to 10 schools in Hlaingthaya, in Yangon.

The principal of Primary School No. 9 in Central Jakarta, Indonesiasaid, “We appreciate Yili’s efforts to teach children how to protect and love themselves and Joyday ice cream during the International Day of the Girl celebration.” The brand Yili cream visited Wat Suwan Chindaram School in Pathum Thani to introduce the radio gymnastics program “NONO” to the children and share delicious ice cream with them.

Yili is committed to supporting the development of non-profit education. Since 2012, Yili’s child safety project “Yili Ark” has been introduced to more than 500 schools worldwide. China, offering safety training workshops including earthquake response, personal safety and drowning prevention. Yili will continue to promote activities dedicated to girls’ personal safety education and invest more resources in non-profit civic and school education programs to contribute to a brighter future for children.

About Yili Ark:

“Yili Ark” is a charitable educational project that supports children’s growth and safety, jointly sponsored by Yili and the West China Human Resource Development Foundation. Since its launch in 2012, Yili Ark has provided more than 70 child safety training courses to 300,000 children, as well as their teachers and parents. These courses cover nearly 20 topics, such as abduction prevention, what to do if you get lost, earthquake and fire response, drowning and violence, traffic and everyday safety.

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