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When we talk about violence, crime of rights and inconsistency is inevitable to think about Women and above all in the most vulnerable group: girls. Violence against our gender is widespread and covers different areas. Education, family and life in society becomes a challenge for us adult women and is much greater for the youngest who are still in full development and self-awareness. From the constant struggle to stay safe in different spaces to the real battle it is for girls to walk the streets or live in a society that tramples on their rights on a daily basis, we delve in with SOS Children’s Villages Peru On the current situation of girls in Peru and how urgent it is to take action so that they can have a full development and a future free of violence.

Violence as the main threat

In the country, the current population of girls and teenagers Women exceeds 5 million according to information from INEI by 2021. In the first half of 2022 alone, Peru registered more than 5,800 complaints of sexual violence. According to the latest report by the Centers for Women Emergency (CEM) under the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, 95.5% of the cases are female, and what is alarming, beyond outrage, is that 68.3% of the victims are minors. Specifically, this means that 7 out of 10 complaints respond to girls and teenagersa population they seem to have decided to turn their backs on.

just think about it 50% of these complaints are against relatives or members of the family circle it is completely reprehensible. The family, which should represent protection and refuge for minors, is increasingly becoming a threat to their integrity and well-being.

Numbers aside, these alarming data call for immediate action. It is indeed difficult – almost impossible – to understand how in the middle of 2022, when we are supposed to be more connected than ever, there is a blatant disregard for such a delicate issue as the daily violation of the rights of girls for the fact that you were born Women and I live as such in Peru.

Other problems

If we are talking about current issues that affect girls and adolescents, it would be good to include the virtual space as well. According to the representative of SOS Children’s Villages Peruthe use of digital mechanisms that put these age groups at greater risk and expose them to situations of human trafficking, sexually explicit messages, among others, is becoming more common.

Access to education is also a concern for female children. According to Minadu, there is a school dropout trend of 1.3% to 3.5% in primary and primary stages. This percentage continues to rise due to factors such as gender discrimination, family reasons and economic reasons. It is true that in Peru 14 girls and children stop learning every hour according to the 2021 National Household Survey.

“The full development of a person at all levels: cognitive, social, emotional and physical, is possible only if he grows and lives in a safe and secure environment. It is these environments that provide him with the emotional security that is essential for him to grow in a healthy way.” says Nancy Martinez, National Director of SOS Children’s Villages Peru. For the specialist in the protection of the rights of girlschildren, adolescents and young adults, full development, which is a universal human right, comes only when one feels safe.

To take action

Going forward, we are not referring exclusively to sexual violence as the only way the female population will be affected. As they grow up and become adult citizens, their reproductive, labor, economic and political rights will also take center stage. and it is crucial as a society – along with the state – that we work right now to ensure a more bearable future for them.

The participation of the main character can become decisive. This term refers to taking into account the voice and ideas of children and young people; and at the same time to give them an account of what is being achieved with their proposals.

Recognizing that the main victims of sexual violence are girlsjuniors and Womenfrom SOS Children’s Villages Peru We reaffirm our commitment to continue to develop actions to promote a safe and secure environment at the national level. We are convinced that timely information and preventive actions with families, girlschildren and adolescents are the most effective measures to combat this problem”points out Nancy Martinez.

Our work is not only focused on temporarily sheltering children in vulnerable family situations, but also on developing strengthening and prevention actions with families and communities. From workshops where minors are taught how to take care of their bodies, understand age-related changes and who to turn to in risky situations, to how to distinguish between forms of sexual violence, respect for privacy and equal treatment“, Explain.

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