Here’s how this effective belly slimming diet works

A flat stomach is the obsession of many women and men and for that they resort to diets and exercise routines to achieve the goal of having an enviable figure. In addition, this accumulated fat can be a health problem, as it increases the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes and certain types of cancer, the portal explains Hello.

The aforementioned website states that in many cases diet and exercise routines are not enough to achieve the desired flat stomachand adds that there are exercises that are special for burning fat in this part of the body.

On the other hand, a study published in Journal of the American Medical Association states that the best diet is one that can be followed long-term. So forget about miracle diets because they don’t exist.

A good rate of weight loss is about 0.5 kg per week which would be 2 kg per month and in about five months you can lose 10 kg. From there comes a process of changing habits that should stay forever.

Therefore, considering going on a weight loss diet for a week or a month is not only unrealistic, it will affect your health and have a rebound effect in the months to come, affecting your future ability to maintain a healthy weight. according to food portal.

In order to lose weight properly, in addition to aerobic physical activity, it is important to perform routine exercises that help strengthen and work the muscles of the abdominal area. Although a week is a very short period of time to get rid of all the accumulated fat, it is possible to lose a few extra pounds and reducing abdominal bloating. This is often not only related to excess fat, but also to fluid retention or the presence of gas, according to the portal Tua Saude.


aerobics class

  • aerobic activities such as jump, fight with the body Y zumba, they are an option for weight loss and belly fat loss, thanks to the fact that they are high-intensity activities that allow improving a person’s physical condition.


  • Swimming is also an exercise that can be practiced for weight loss because it improves physical condition and strengthens muscles, helping to burn accumulated fat.


Jump on the rope

  • Jumping rope is a complete exercise because it stimulates the muscles, improves the health of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, accelerates the metabolism and improves fitness. To maintain results, it is important to do this type of exercise along with others such as walking.

A bicycle

  • Cycling training is also a way to stimulate the process of losing weight and slimming the belly, as it promotes an increase in muscle mass, strength and muscular endurance. This happens because the more muscle there is, the greater the body’s ability to burn fat.

belly slimming diet

The diet to lose belly for a week consists of increasing the amount of nutrients with a minimum content of sugars, calories and fat:

  • Reduce the use of salt and increase the use of aromatic herbs to season food, thus avoiding fluid retention.
  • Drink a cup of boldo tea half an hour before lunch and dinner because it helps fight gas, helping to reduce bloating.
  • Eat between four and six meals a day, trying to eat small portions every three hours.
  • Drink two liters of fluids a day, preferably water, lemon water, hibiscus tea or green tea.
  • Eat two to three servings of raw or cooked vegetables daily.
  • Moderate your consumption of red meats, preferring the consumption of white meats, such as fish, turkey or skinless chicken.
  • Eat two to three servings of fruit a day, preferably those that contain less sugar, such as apple, pear, plum, etc.
  • Consume one or two fermented milks with live lactobacilli per day, as they facilitate intestinal transit, support the health of the intestinal flora and prevent constipation by reducing the production of intestinal gas.

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