Eliminate the double chin with these effective aesthetic procedures

The appearance of the double chin is one of the most common cosmetic problems among people who visit aesthetic centers. No one is exempt from it, as it can appear for various reasons in both sexes and at any age. Because although we associate it with excess weight, it can also be due to other reasons such as hormonal problems, age or lack of movement.

A young and thin person can also have a double chin because, believe it or not, everyday gestures like using a cell phone or sunbathing can cause it. Added to all these possible causes is the constant mistake of forgetting about this area of ​​the body in our daily cares. A mistake you might be making because you don’t know that the skin on the neck is one of the most blame age and suffer from external damage.

It should also be borne in mind that there are people who, due to genetics, are more prone to sagging skin on the neck. This type of patient, no matter how much care or protection they apply to this area, will at some point have to deal with a double chin.

To confront this aesthetic enemy, the first thing we need to learn is what a double chin is and why it occurs. Also, at THE OBJECTIVE, we recommend the best treatments to eliminate it completely effectively and with the best results.

Double chin: what is it and why does it appear?

This fold that produces swelling in the area between the chin and the neck. Not all jaws are the same, depending on genetics and its characteristics, it can vary in shape and size. These traits, in addition, can be influenced by other external characteristics.

A woman with a pronounced double chin. (Source: Manzanares Clinic)

The jaw area can become a problem with age because it can become prominent, causing it to thicken and spread to the neck. The first signs begin when the density and volumes of the face are lostas gravity pulls the skin down, giving it a sagging and sagging appearance.

As for the reasons for its appearance, genetics has something to say. When there is a genetic origin, it is not usually called a double chin, and experts use the term blunt neck. This genetics can determine, for example, some of what is responsible for this bulge, such as the fact that the bones, muscles or glands in the area are larger than normal or suffer from a reduction.

As you know, this also affects a lot lead a healthy lifestyle with a healthy and balanced diet. Eating a good diet and exercising will prevent sagging as well as the accumulation of fat between the skin and muscles.

Finally, as we expected at the beginning, we are currently with jaws that appear due to addiction to mobile devices. You know that with the gesture of bending the neck down to see smartphone put pressure on the spine with about 20 kilograms? Much of this pressure is absorbed by the skin of the neck, so it begins to sag and fill with fat.

Treatments without surgery

When it comes to getting rid of a double chin, the first thing we need to know is what kind of problem we have. The crease can be due to fat accumulation, sagging skin or muscles, or even an underdeveloped jaw that makes the angle of the neck not very pronounced. For all these reasons, the most important thing is go to a good specialist to make the correct diagnosis and thus to use the most appropriate treatment in each case.

A specialist doctor who examines the condition of the patient's neck.  (Source: Freepik/DCStudio)
A specialist doctor who examines the condition of the patient’s neck. (Source: Freepik/DCStudio)

Among the available aesthetic medicine treatments for double chin removal should distinguish between those who need surgery and those who do not. Many people feel rejected before interventions that require entering an operating room and everything that follows. For them, Face Clinic gives us a wide range of options:

  • Botox: botulinum toxin can be an ideal solution and we can find it from €500.
  • Belkira Lipolysis: By injecting deoxycholic acid, the fat is dissolved, allowing the body to absorb it. It does not require anesthesia and its price is 2,500 euros.
  • Mesotherapy: Fillers are injected to stimulate fat burning and stimulate skin regeneration to reduce laxity. The price of this treatment is 300 euros.
  • Tension wires: With this system, the reduction of sagging is guaranteed, as it leads to an increase in collagen production. Its price is 400 euros.
  • Radiesse: It is an injectable substance that improves the contour of the face using collagen. It is highly recommended for the treatment of a double chin and costs 700 euros.
  • Plexer: This treatment is very beneficial as it also stimulates collagen production naturally, achieving a lifting and smoother skin. The price is around 400 euros.

Although there are several treatments available, very often it happens that the patient combines several of them to achieve the desired results.

Double chin treatment without surgery.  (Source: Face Clinic)
Double chin treatment without surgery. (Source: Face Clinic)

Given all the possibilities, from Clinicas Dorsia are inclined to the penetration of the drug Belkyra. It safely destroys fat so that the body can metabolize it naturally, achieving progressive reduction of the double chin and increasing skin firmness. Its results are visible after three months. The alternative proposed by her experts is radio frequency. With it, it will be sought not so much to reduce fat, but to treat laxity.

Candy Garcia Arias, Facial Specialist at AC DermaStudio, too supports the use of radio frequency to stop the development of a double chin. With high-tech equipment, collagen and elastin are stimulated, allowing the skin to stretch and some tissue to be repositioned through localized heat.

Aesthetic treatment performed at AC DermaStudio
Aesthetic treatment performed at AC DermaStudio

With this system it is also possible increase skin hydration and stimulate protein production which are essential in toning the tissue and making the skin look much more rejuvenated. Depending on each case, it is ideal to carry out between four and eight radiotherapy sessions, which have a price of 85 euros each.

Surgical solutions

Treatment that requires surgery to remove a double chin you get better results but are more complicated. Face Clinic you mention the main options that are presented to us as alternatives:

  • Liposuction: the fat that is between the skin and the muscle is extracted. Local anesthesia is required and its price is 2,500 euros.
  • Vertical Contour Surgery: In addition to reducing the double chin, the definition of the submandibular angle is improved. Through a four-centimeter incision under the chin, both superficial and deep fat are reduced and the size of the muscles and even the submandibular glands are worked on. This process now requires general anesthesia and costs €4,500.
  • Cervical lift: It is a good method for treating cases of laxity or excessive laxity of the skin or muscles. Its purpose is to tighten these muscles while shaping the neck, thereby retracting the skin, returning it to its original state. Depending on each patient, the incisions are made under the chin or around the ears and cost around 7,000 euros.
  • Custom prosthetics: In cases of insufficient development of the lower jaw, these prostheses are used to increase the size of the chin and improve the angle of the neck. Its price starts from 5000 euros.
  • Mentoplasty: It allows to restore the harmony of the face and eliminate the double chin, distinguishing the face from the neck. In this case, we will talk about a payout of 2,000 euros.

If, after taking into account the medical examination and the patient’s preferences, a decision is made to intervene with surgery, Dorsia Clinics is committed to two alternatives. The first one is high resolution liposuction. Through the new PAL technique, which works selectively and involves a less painful post-operative period, excess fat is extracted from the area and the skin is re-tightened.

The other suggestion is lifting facial care that, in addition to eliminating excess epidermis, peels off facial tissues and repositions them, muscle and tissue lifting. Both treatments achieve very similar results and the choice of one or the other will depend on the opinion of the medical team and the needs of each individual case.

If you’re worried about a double chin, you’ve already found that aesthetic medicine offers a wide range of options so you can show off the neck you’ve been dreaming of.

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