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What to do to live longer? There is a lot of advice, some somewhat spiritual. Of course, everything is based on health care. On the road to finding longevity, Walter Longo, PhD in biochemistry and postdoctoral training in neurobiology, discovered an ideal diet that promises to overcome the fear of disease.

Longo is considered a guru because his research has earned him the recognition of colleagues and research centers. Consequently, he is also a professor at the University of Southern California and director of the Longevity and Cancer Program at the IFOM Institute of Molecular Oncology in Milan, Italy.

TRE diet and FMD diet

With the goal of “optimizing people’s lifespan and health,” Longo suggests the TRE (Time-Restricted Eating) diet. Have an “eight to ten hour daily eating window” that can last four to 12 weeks, as explained in an article published in the scientific journal Cell Reports.

That is: for example, eat between 7 am and 5 pm and avoid eating food until the next day, for three months. From their research, it can improve cardiovascular markers and improve fat-to-lean ratio.

Fasting is one of the keys.

It is necessary to consume food that is “medium-high in carbohydrates and low but sufficient in protein” because, as the expert says, it “contributes to reducing the levels of aging”.

Another recommended diet is the FMD (fasting mimicking diet -intermittent fasting diet-), which includes “low-calorie, low-protein, low-sugar, high-fat plant-based nutritional formulations.” It takes place over five days where people simulate one fast per month.

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Longo demonstrated in mice with Alzheimer’s that the FMD diet reduces brain markers of disease and inflammation in the brain while improving their cognitive levels.

Results in humans are not yet known as the study is in its first phase, but the researcher applied the same model to 40 patients: fasting for five days once a month. So subjects replaced their lunch or dinner with a pasta- or rice-based meal with “promising” findings.

Remember that this treatment is in tests, so before you undergo such diets you should consult your doctor or specialist. Don’t decide for yourself.

For those over 65, things change a bit. The diet should be “designed to avoid malnutrition, weakness, and disease that may result from reduced bone or muscle mass or low blood cell counts.”

The diet to live 100 years, proposed by a researcher

Seniors should follow special instructions.

What should we eat and in what quantities?

The change in foods should go towards a vegan trend with some fish, according to Longo. Therefore, those high in omega-3, omega-6 and vitamin B12, such as salmon, sardines, trout or cod, are recommended. It is recommended to consume them only two or three times a week.

Protein intake – such as beans, chickpeas, legumes and many others – should be limited: those who weigh more than 58 kilograms should eat 40 to 47 grams of protein daily. Those who weigh between 90 and 100 kilograms should consume between 60 and 70 grams of protein per day, the expert says.

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Salmon is one of the recommended foods.

From the age of 65, protein should be slightly increased, as well as “the consumption of fish, eggs, white meat and goat and sheep products to preserve muscle mass”.

Longo believes it is appropriate to reduce sugars and saturated fats from animal and plant sources (meat, cheese) in your diet. You should also “maximize good fats and complex carbohydrates.” Grains and vegetables are ideal.

Limit all meals to a twelve-hour period; eg start after 8am and finish before 8pm Do not eat anything within three to four hours of going to bed.

Once again: before choosing any diet or diet modification, consult your doctor who will give you the appropriate guidance.

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