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This October 10 marks the thirtieth edition of World Mental Health Day | scienceorg

This October 10, the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) marks the 30th edition of World Mental Health Day

today, October 10, 2022on World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) celebrate on the thirtieth edition of World Mental Health Day with the motto “Making mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority”chosen by global voting open to the public, including WFMH members, stakeholders and supporters.


Two years of pandemic and war

Today’s world and especially the mental health of its inhabitants is shaking from the effects of the pandemic resulting from COVID-19migratory movements, climate emergency… Destabilization that affects Europe more than ever in recent times, with war on the borders of the continent and one unprecedented energy crisis.

As WFMH recalls, the mental health and well-being of many health, social care and frontline workers has been affected by the pandemic, as No nation was prepared for the mental health crisis associated with COVID-19. They also ensure that the rates of people with suicidal thoughts have increased worldwide as people with experiences of poor mental health and their families still report that their well-being is not always in the sights of governments or society at large: “Stigma and discrimination continue to be barriers to social inclusion and access to adequate care”.

Frontline workers in the fight against COVID have suffered the most from the severe mental health effects | business

The war in ukraine started last february as well energy crisis related to it, also have serious consequences on the mental health of the population as a whole. In Ukraine, however, the worst is yet to come, as expected at least a third of Ukrainian citizens eventually develop depression, anxiety or PTSDaccording to the CARE International Confederation, which also insists on the urgent need to “provide support to those suffering from the trauma of war, now and in the months and years to come.

The consequences of the war, devastating for the mental health of Ukrainians | LSHTM

The case of Spain

Already in 2020, National Institute of Statistics (INE) calculate this 2.1 million Spaniards5.4% of the population suffered during the pandemic some depressing picture, taking into account 230,000 cases of severe symptoms. And this is that, as confirmed by the European Health Survey in Spain that year, between the situation before the pandemic and during it, there was an increase of 3.3 percentage points in the low interest or joy of doing things. ; 2.8 points for feeling tired or depressed and 2 points for sleep problems. After all, a increased occasional symptoms of mental disorders such as depression.

Prevalence of depressive symptoms in Spain (2020) | INE

Mental disorders, which in their most severe diagnosis can lead to suicide. in 2020the year in which Covid-19 pandemic, 3,941 people committed suicide in Spain, which translates into up to three hundred more deaths than in 2019, double the increase that occurred that year compared to 2018. They continue to be more male those who die from this cause, almost 2,000 more per year than women, especially in range from 50 to 54 years and in small villages up to 10,000 inhabitants.

“Making mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority”

This is the theme for World Mental Health Day 2022, chosen by WFMH. For the Federation, “this gives us an opportunity to reinvigorate our efforts to make the world a better place.” They insist on it Governments have a key role to play to play, so they consider it necessary to strengthen cooperation between governments, citizens and designers to be able to develop “truly collaborative processes that deliver mental health and wellbeing for all of our population”.

In Spain we have the namesake of this world federation since 1983. The Confederation MENTAL HEALTH Spainnon-profit organization, responsible for bringing together the main Spanish associations of people with mental problems and their families to achieve the adoption of all these measures to improve your quality of life, as well as protect their rights and represent the association around him. Like every year, they choose a parallel lemma dictated by the World Federation: “Go on like to mental health. For the right to grow in prosperity”.

Prevention is possible and recovery is effective

WFMH notes that there is growing evidence that this is possible preventing mental health problems through general and specific evidence-based interventions. They can improve outcomes for people across the spectrum of mental disorders, and we can all contribute awareness for them.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)adopted at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in 2015, cannot be achieved unless all governments around the world do «a significant investment in improving mental well-being», according to WFMH. As an example, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown how ill-equipped health systems are to deal with the physical and mental health issues facing their populations.

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