Celebs breaking the stigma of mental health

There are celebrities who have chosen to bring the topic of mental health and they share it with their followers to somehow normalize it, to make it visible, to open a dialogue, to break the stigma around this issue and to show that they are going through emotional and mental difficulties like the rest of us.

Being successful and powerful economically, they show that they also suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, depression, loneliness, eating disorders, alcohol and drug use and addiction, among others. Some are not only calling for non-judgment of those who truly suffer from mental illness, but who have taken action to benefit other people as well as make an impact to help other people.

One of them is the Colombian singer Jay Balvinwho in 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, surprised his followers on social networks by admitting that he had been experiencing a bad moment on a mental level for several weeks. He made it clear that this is not a stage of sadness or a general bad mood, but that it is depression and anxiety.

A year later, he left it reflected in the documentary “The Boy from Medellín”, which includes conversations with his psychiatrist, psychological therapy and even with family and friends about the subject that torments him. Anxiety and panic have paralyzed him.

Inspired and guided by his own experiences, the urban crooner launched the well-being app ‘OYE’ a few weeks ago, looking for users to turn their ’emotions into creative action’. This app is developed in English and Spanish with content that aims to guide people to feel better and reach their full potential by integrating the concept of creative health into their daily lives.

“I’ve learned that through meditation, movement and connection, it’s possible to feel better and be creative again. OYE is an app that enhances people’s well-being by allowing them to be present, tap into their emotional and mental superpowers, and follow their light.”

Another figure who has shown her fight for mental health visibility is the American singer and actress Selena Gomezwho was diagnosed with anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression several years ago.

This Mexican-born artist’s testimony was one of the most famous, as she was very vocal about making her mental illness visible and how she was trying to overcome it, in addition to urging people to go to therapy and come out. “no shame” about how they feel about themselves.

The 30-year-old translator, who also underwent health challenges such as a kidney transplant in September 2017 due to her lupus condition, launched a podcast late last year that she called A great mind, along with her mother Mandy Teefey and her best friend Daniella Pearson, for caring about mental health and helping those who need it most. At the time, he pointed out on Instagram: “Mental health is something that is very close to my heart. It’s so important to have places where people can come together and know they’re not alone in their mental fitness journey.”

This week, under the same name A great mind, launched a content portal to support mental health. Likewise, as announced on his Instagram account that on November 4, he will premiere the movie My Mind and Me, via AppleTV+in which he apparently returns as the protagonist of his own story to serve as an inspiration to others and continue to help and influence in relation to this subject. “My mind and I. Sometimes we don’t get along and it’s hard to breathe… But I wouldn’t change my life.”He mentioned in the post.

The singer Justin Bieber Through his Instagram account in 2019, he told his followers about his mental condition and that he was receiving psychiatric treatment to treat his depression. The young artist had already decided to cancel his “Purpose” tour in 2016, precisely because of his problems with anxiety and depression. “It was the best thing I could have done for my mental health,” he said at the time. He recently had to cancel his Justice World Tour, but this time it was due to health issues related to Ramsay Hunt syndromefrom which he suffers and which paralyzes part of his face.

In the spirit of helping people with mental health problems, last July Bieber – 28 – announced that he would start free therapy sessions for a month for anyone in need in cooperation with better helpan organization that offers psychological help to deal with everyday problems or worries and treatment for diagnoses such as depression or family problems.

Irreverent and taboo-free, as often shown, is the other figure of North American music, the singer Miley Cyrus, opened up to inform you as it pertains to your mental health. In September 2021, various media outlets reported that the singer pulled out of her performance at Summerfest 2021 in Milwaukee, where she admitted to the audience that she almost had a panic attack on stage.

“I know that was very drastic. The situation is alarming and terrifying, and getting out of it is also somewhat scary. I want to be honest because it makes me less afraid. We allow people to see us at our most vulnerable, isolated, hurt, scared… I think that’s something that gives us strength,” he said at the time, while attributing the episode to the isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which -he later admitted that it gave him anxiety problems.

It is not the first time that the performer, who became famous on the series “Hannah Montana”, has referred to her mental problems, as in June 2020 she said on the podcast “The Big Ticket de Variety” that she has “a lot of addiction and problems with mental health.” She also said in 2014 that she was depressed, to the point where she locked herself in her room and her father had to break down the door to get in. Similarly, he discussed the topic with Selena Gomez on episode 15 of Bright Minded.

Likewise, the actress and the singer Camilla’s hair In May 2020, he spoke for the first time in an interview about his mental health and publicly explained that he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder as a result of severe anxiety and stress issues related to the demands of the job. Added to this was the fact that she was heavily criticized for her appearance, with some pictures of her being snapped on a day at the beach in a two-piece swimsuit.

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