35% increase in users in sports, care and wellness centers in September

Today, October 10, is World Mental Health Day, and sports experts are recommending yoga, outdoor plans and spa visits to keep the mind healthy. Urban Sports Club claims a 35% increase in the number of users and also that the number of companies offering corporate sports to their workers as part of the new welfare plan is increasing.

After the intense rentrée is over and they return to their daily routine, more and more people are turning to an activity plan that helps them disconnect and take care of their body and mind. According to a survey, in the last year 77% of Spaniards have changed their habits in order to promote physical and mental well-being and have taken time at least once a week for their care.

Proof of this is the data recorded by the largest sports platform in Europe, Urban Sports Club. According to the startup, in the last month of September, the number of users who visited sports and care and wellness centers increased by 35%. 10% more compared to the previous year, which according to experts leads to greater public awareness of maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Taking care of yourself through exercise for well-being and mindfulness is one of the fundamental elements of overall health. “Right now, we’re constantly getting a large amount of information, external inputs. In a society where we tend to be available and connected to everyone all the time, taking time for yourself is extremely important. This is where practicing exercises that help us reconnect physically and emotionally is essential,” explains Sonia Solas, Founder and CEO of Frizzant.

Balance the body and mind

A holistic approach to health has gained importance in recent years. There is consensus that mental health is essential to overall well-being. Living more consciously through healthy habits and slowing down your daily routine in the process is a natural stress reliever. These routines include sports, wellness, or mindfulness exercises.

The positive effects of these beneficial practices are increasingly appreciated. This is demonstrated by the usage behavior among members of the Urban Sports Club platform: the demand for mindfulness and meditation activities increases significantly with the start of the season with less light days, which begins in October.

“In 2021, participation in meditation and mindfulness courses more than doubled in November compared to July. And this year everything shows that it will be even better,” explains Sandra Pelaez, Marketing Manager of Urban Sports Club in Spain. The variety of these courses is significant: members can, for example, let themselves go on a sound journey during a guided sound healing meditation in spaces such as DeROSE Meditation Eixample center (Barcelona).

Since the body and mind are in constant interaction, it is especially important to incorporate holistic body practices, that is, a mixture of tension and relaxation, into routines. The different types of yoga are one of the best options in this sense: this is also very clearly demonstrated in the behavior of use, since yoga is the second most practiced sport in Spain after fitness. Mark Torres of the Urban Sports Club explains that making it easier to access and offer a wide variety of sports is increasingly the answer to the training needs of the population and the most pragmatic way to get more people to generate healthy habits.

The essence of holistic health treatments is also relaxation and slowing down. Sports activities specialists recommend the practice of these exercises when offering sports center subscriptions to their employees, indoor or outdoor, as well as the combination with other outdoor sports that allow a connection with nature.

Recharge your batteries at the spa

Along with sports practices, experts recommend a visit to the spa. A visit to this type of center not only helps to disconnect, but also contributes to improving the cardiovascular and immune systems of the body. Thermal water has a therapeutic effect, and at centers such as the spa at the W Hotel in Barcelona, ​​it really is possible to step into calm waters and say goodbye to stress with a sauna. A space like this also includes massages that help energize the body, relieve tension and promote circulation.

From sound or mobility healing courses to treatments like halotherapy or Qi classes, wellness can be as varied and holistic as its impact on lasting health and wellness. Despite the season of self-care, it’s not just about self-care.

Companies also bet on sports

A year ago, the US participated in what is now known as the “Great Resignation.” Nearly 40 million workers voluntarily quit their jobs. In Spain, the numbers are not as high, but according to some experts, this trend is increasing in Spain.

Given this data, there are many companies that have quickly activated a strategic plan with solutions and proposals in favor of workplace well-being. Managers have realized the importance of physical and mental care for their workers and sports have been chosen as one of the best alternatives. In this sense, Urban Sports Club confirms the increase of companies that have joined their corporate sports plan to offer sports center subscriptions to their employees or that have activated team building sessions with sports practice. Payflow, Rastreator and Fintonic are some examples of these companies that are already committed to the physical and mental health of their workers.

About Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club offers a flexible fixed fee for sports. The mission is to help people have a healthier and more active lifestyle through sport, with the widest and most diverse sports offer in Europe. From fitness, swimming, yoga or climbing to team sports and wellness offers, Urban Sports Club users can choose from more than 50 different sports activities in thousands of partner centers in Spain, Germany, France, Belgium and Portugal. After merging with OneFit, the Urban Sports Club network has a total of thousands of partner centers. The sports offer is available to both private customers and businesses, allowing training in studios, fitness centers, outdoors or in live online classes.

Urban Sports GmbH was founded in 2012 by Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth in Berlin, Germany. Two years after its launch, the company secured seed funding in 2015 and continued to grow in the European market. The Dutch company OneFit joined the Urban Sports Club family in August 2019.

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