three ways to prevent psychological disorders

In recent years, the importance of mental health he has gained weight and has become a medical and social priority. This trend is particularly dictated by the pandemic, since in an international context it is estimated that the health crisis was a stimulus that increased disorders such as anxiety and depression by 25%. On the other hand, problems such as the high rate of youth suicide, which in Spain is the second cause of death among people between 15 and 29 years old. Furthermore, according to the Spanish Confederation of Mental Health, 1 in 4 people have or will have a mental health problem in their lifetime.

In this regard, it should be noted that various studies show that mental illness will be the leading cause of disability by 2030.

In addition, in Spain, mental health concerns have increased by 16 points compared to last year. Exactly 51% of the population, according to data from the Global Health Service Monitor 2022, put it as their first health concern.

Taking time for yourself is essential to creating a pleasant and stable environment that contributes to good mental health. To understand exactly how we can take care of ourselves with small details and routines, Deusto Salud, a training center specialized in health and well-being, shares a guide with key recommendations:

1. Exercise and relaxation techniques. Psychologist and professor at Deusto Salud, Eva Soto, confirms that “the best way to protect our well-being is to work on prevention. Moderate physical activity, breathing and concentration exercises suggested by yoga or mindfulness are very simple resources that anyone can integrate. Generally speaking, it consists of working the body to stimulate the brain and reduce stress and anxiety levels.

two. Maintain healthy habits. There is a direct link between issues such as diet or hours of sleep and mental health. Nurse and regular speaker at Deusto Salud, Isabel Portillo, explains that “bad habits must be abandoned. Healthy eating, exercise and proper sleep are essential to enjoy emotional well-being. It is about creating an environment that contributes to obtaining mental stability and does not cause emotional imbalances. “I advise everyone to get rid of relationships, that is, to focus on those projects, work, plans and those people who bring light and peace to our lives and who make us grow,” adds Portillo.

3. beware. Taking care of your own emotional well-being should be a priority. Mireya García, nutritionist and professor at Deusto Salud, points out that “it is important to practice self-care and make time for things that help us improve our physical and mental health.” The expert also emphasizes how useful it is to turn to professionals for help. “We need to educate people to see a psychologist when they have a problem,” he says.

Sport, savior

According to the experts from Synergym Holding SL, a Spanish chain of sports centers, sport has established itself as one of the main tools for reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. However, subjects with high levels of total and leisure-time physical activity had higher levels of mental health than those with low levels of physical activity.

“The high intensity training They are a good alternative to achieve short-term physical and mental benefits. Because the body is put through such demanding work, the body continues to work after the exercise is over to try to get back to normal,” says David Utrero, Regional Manager at Synergym. Combining high-intensity programs based on each user’s resistance level allows for improved strength and muscle mass, as well as mood. Regular exercise helps release endorphins, natural brain chemicals that promote feelings of well-being.

Exercise for mental health

Synergym experts suggest an average of 3 hours per week of high intensity exercise to improve stress and anxiety levels. In this sense, the three most effective exercises are:

Strength exercise – Strength. Trainer-led sessions. Current scientific research shows that strength training is one of the methods with the greatest impact on the musculoskeletal system and one of the most effective in preventing weakness and frailty. Thus, if performed two to three times a week, it increases strength and muscle mass, promoting high levels of independence and vitality.

Boxing Metabolic Training – Boxing Hiit. This type of workout generates a significant adrenaline rush that helps relieve the stress of the workout. A modality that is gaining weight among users and which has seen an increase in demand of 70% of Synergym subscribers.

High Intensity – Cross HIIT. High-intensity team training sessions that combine global and athletic exercises involving multiple muscle groups. This modality, classified as high-intensity, allows you to burn a very high percentage of calories and simultaneously increase muscle mass and aerobic resistance.

“Due to the success of this type of high-intensity program in the market, we have adapted the hours in our sports centers by increasing the number of specialized fitness areas. That’s why we opened the Cross Zone in all our facilities to meet the new needs of our partners,” concludes the Synergym expert.

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