The popular trials are coming: Who will not be able to be part of the jury

Next Wednesday, October 12, the jury list draw will take place within the performance of trial system in Chubut province which will start to be implemented in 2023.

That day, the draw will be held at the Chubut Lottery headquarters in Rawson and will be organized by the Provincial Electoral Court (TEP), and the jury list will be drawn up in a public hearing that will be valid for all trials that will take place. held during 2023 on the territory of the entire district.

This is the first experiment of this type implemented in Chubut province, there are some details to keep in mind.

What are the requirements to be a juror?

  • a) be Argentine, with five years of citizenship in the case of naturalized persons, and be of legal age;
  • b) know how to read, write, speak and understand the national language;
  • c) fully exercise their political rights;
  • d) have a known address;
  • e) have an immediate residence of not less than two (2) years in the judicial district where the event occurred.

Who cannot be a judge?

They are disqualified from jury membership:

  • a) those who do not have sufficient physical and mental fitness or have a sensory impairment that prevents them from performing the function;
  • b) Bankrupts who have not been rehabilitated or specially declared unqualified.
  • (c) the defendants in any willful or reckless criminal case against whom the initial hearing of the inquiry was held and who did not enjoy a summary trial or a quashed trial during the trial;
  • d) those sentenced to imprisonment for up to (10) years after the expiration of the sentence, those sentenced to a fine or deprivation of rights for up to two (2) years after the expiration of the sentence and those convicted of crimes that require awareness of the official’s capacity as an active subject or that he was in the state of the crimes provided for in art. 245 and 275 of the National Criminal Code up to 2 (two) years after the expiration of the sentence.
  • e) Included in the register of overdue foods.


They will not be able to serve as a jury

  • a) the regional governor, deputy regional governor, mayors and deputy mayors;
  • b) the ministers, secretaries and deputy secretaries of the provincial executive and equivalent municipal officials up to the rank of director or its equivalent;
  • c) National Senators, National and Provincial Members of Parliament, Councilors and officials of the National, Provincial and Municipal Legislatures up to the rank of Director or its equivalent;
  • d) magistrates, officials and employees of the judiciary and national and provincial government ministries and prosecutors;
  • e) holding leadership positions in a legally recognized political party and performing trade union functions;
  • f) lawyers, notaries and advocates; university lecturers in legal disciplines or legal medicine;
  • g) active members of the armed forces and security forces;
  • h) employees of a recognized cult;
  • i) the state prosecutor, the chief accountant, the anti-corruption prosecutor and other officials of the same rank; the chairman and members of the Provincial Audit Office and their equivalents in the municipalities, and the titular ombudsman and the deputy provincial or municipal defenders and bearers of any other provincial or municipal public control body that is established by the coming into force of this law.

Will travel expenses be paid?

  • If the circumstances of the case so require, the Court may order the members of the jury to have no contact with third parties or with the media during the entire trial, by arranging for accommodation in suitable places and suitable living rooms.
  • They will retain their employment as services during the trial.
  • Per diems will be in the amount of one day’s salary of a criminal judge.

How do I know if I’ve been withdrawn?

  • The withdrawals will be published in the Government Gazette, on the website of the Executive, Judiciary and Provincial Electoral Tribunal.
  • The draw will be valid until December 31 of the year after which they were determined.

How do I know if I will be a judge?

  • The People’s Jury will be satisfied with the list of drawn people.
  • In case I have to be a jury, I will be notified.
  • The jury will be 14, 7 men and 7 women.

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