The Book Collection “Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls” Gets Its Podcast Version by Gloria Estefan

“Bedtime Stories for Naughty Girls”

The collection of children’s and youth literature Bedtime Stories for Naughty Girls written by Elena Favili, Francesca Cavallo and the team Rebel girls, has announced its return, now in Podcast format. This compendium of teenage stories was launched in 2017 with the premise of bringing younger generations closer to the figures of women who broke the paradigms of their time and served as inspiration for new voices in various fields, entertainers, singers and artists who have struggled in unfavorable conditions with discrimination and gender stigma, but who have achieved outstanding results.

The first book was born out of crowdfunding in the United States. The goal was 40 thousand dollars, but managed to collect 675 thousand. Since it was printed, the project has managed to attract both parents and young people inspired by these female figures who changed social, political and economic paradigms. The stories they make up “Bedtime Stories for Naughty Girls” they aim for the little ones to identify and motivate with the short biographies that are presented.

Inspirational stories about characters as diverse as Beyonce, Frida Kahlo, Zh.k. Rowling And until Madonna, supplies of this title, deal with women of ancient history such as that of Nefertiti. “Bedtime Stories for Naughty Girls” Not only does it feature powerful women from the Western world, but in its five editions it manages to rescue women from the Middle East, Europe and Africa. The project went from the printed pages to the podcast format in the hands of the producer Laura Hernandeza program that reimagines fragments written in the voices of powerful women.

“Bedtime Stories for Naughty Girls”

“From the beginning at Adonde Media, our mission has been to open up the space so more people can listen to powerful stories on audio. Now Spanish-speaking boys and girls will be able to listen to these inspiring stories of pioneer women throughout history. In addition, young people learning Spanish will have more tools to improve their listening comprehension and cultural knowledge in a new language, all for free.” announced the CEO of Where does it mean, Martina Castroin an interview with the Spanish version of the newspaper Up to date.

In each episode, the story of a certain figure is discussed, in the company of her guests, and at the end there is a short interview specifically focused on the role of women; Compared to many others, the podcast format is short, with an approximate duration of 20 minutes, a format that attracts the attention of the youngest; are among the guests Lila Downs, Gloria Estefan, Eglatina Zing, Lorella Praelli Y Valeria Edelsteinamong other figures who will be responsible for telling the public the fragments of life recorded in the “Bedtime Stories for Naughty Girls”.

the podcast Bedtime stories for rebellious girlsis available for listening on the music streaming platform Spotifyto date there are several chapters devoted to Lady Gaga, kamala harris Y Hedy Lamarr, except that they have shorter fragments for their narrators; the auditory output is in the narratives and education category; The first episode premiered last September 16, an episode in which Gloria Estefan told the story of Celia Cruz.

“They are true stories. We wanted to go back to what stories did, to go back to that freshness of very simple language but told with very strong voices; Each episode comes with a little bonus, the episode itself is the story, but then there’s an interview where they tell a lot of cool stuff; each episode comes with musical changes and effects to hook the ‘little ones’, this is how the kid audience can be entertained” declared Laura Hernandez during an interview with WRadius.


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