You don’t have to be bad to see a psychologist, you just have to want to be better

Although progress has been made in the past decade in recognizing and normalizing mental disorders and psychological problemsgoing to therapy with a professional is still not free of the stigma attached to it, as many people continue to see emotional problems as a symptom of weakness Y shame. This means that in many cases they do not even consider going to therapy and prefer to keep what is happening to them a secret for fear of being judged.

When we are children, for example, it is easy for us to ask others for help, but as we age, we become increasingly reluctant to ask for help. support for. This is largely determined by society.

We’ve been taught that being an adult means being independent and solving problems on your own without anyone’s help, so to seek help This is almost embarrassing because it means that we have failed to face a certain circumstance or that we are not intelligent, competent or strong enough.

Whatever social conditioning This is not the only thing that limits people from going to a psychologist to find the help they need. There are also cases of people who avoid seeing a psychologist because they don’t have one means necessary, either because they lack sufficient funds or because they don’t have too much weather to commit to therapy. However, even in these cases, the lack of resources may only be the tip of the iceberg under which the great fear of being weak or deep shame at exposing your private life to a stranger.

In this sense, there are many situations in which the fear of exposing themselves to a stranger can block them and reveal their most intimate and personal world. This often happens to people who have addictionthey suffer depression or have one low self-esteem. It is difficult for them to talk about their own problems and they show their deepest selves because, apart from being ashamed, they believe that no one will be able to understand all the burden they carry on their shoulders.

You can improve your emotional state

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a previous diagnosis or suffer from discomfort or a specific psychological problem to go to therapy.

In addition to the most common reasons that make the population ask for help – such as anxiety, depression, stressproblems of self-esteem or relations of partner– the services of a psychologist are positive for developing and improving tools that help us to improving our well-being or learn to manage personal and work relationships.

Psychology professionals not only work with a clinical diagnosis, but also help anyone who needs their services in aspects such as acquiring Healthy habitsthe elimination of bad habits wave optimization of personal resources meet problems with perspective and manage frustration.

In the same way that a physical trainer’s job is to enhance a person’s performance, an expert’s job is to improve their ability to face each day.

Citizens, however, rarely viewed therapy as enhancer of his virtuesbut rather as a way of acknowledging to society that they need help.

The stigma to mental health continues, therefore, due to the lack of knowledge that still exists about mental illness and psychological problems in society, as well as their treatment and therapy itself.

How do I know if I need a psychologist?

Note that we have a psychological problem and that we need help to resolve what is happening to us is more difficult than we imagine. However, just because it’s complicated doesn’t mean it’s impossible. TherapyChat experts share the following guidelines that can help you recognize when professional help is needed:

Pay attention to the psychological signs. Most people easily recognize the signs of major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, because in these cases the grief and suffering are obvious. However, the truth is that before we reach this point, there are signs that can warn us of the beginning of an emotional disorder, but because they are more subtle and difficult to identify, they lead us to believe that this is a temporary condition , no longer attach too much importance to it. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to what’s going on in your inner world and focus on how you feel, the way you treat others, and the way you see the world.

Focus on the physical warning signs. Many people do not know that the headaches, gastrointestinal problems or skin lesions they experience can sometimes be caused by a psychological disorder. Emotional overload or disorders such as anxiety or depression can take a toll on your body. These are what are known as psychosomatic illnesses and they are nothing more than an alarm signal that something is wrong with you.

Assess your ability to solve your problems. Another way to analyze whether you need help is to assess your own ability to solve everyday problems. You are the one who knows best your own capabilities and strengths as well as your limitations. If you notice that certain tasks or activities that you normally face are starting to become more and more difficult for you, to the point where you don’t feel able to solve or complete them, it may be a good time to start thinking about visiting psychologist to guide you and provide you with the necessary resources.

Analyze the evolution of symptoms. We’ve all been sad at one point or another, dealing with stress or dealing with anxiety while waiting for important news. In these cases, what is most common is that the discomfort and anguish we experience subsides over the course of hours or days. However, there are times when the symptoms, instead of decreasing with time, increase. If this is your case, it is likely that the problem behind these signs is gaining strength, so it is convenient to consider counseling.

Assess the impact of emotional problems in all areas of your life. Many people believe that the psychological symptoms they experience are not that bad and that sooner or later they will disappear just as they appeared. However, this is not always the case. In many cases, the symptoms grow and, in addition to causing deep discomfort, can begin to affect your performance in various areas of your life. Therefore, if you notice that the problems you carry on your shoulders are affecting your productivity at work, your relationship with your partner, the way you teach your children or how you feel about facing the day, maybe you should seek the services of a psychologist.

Finally, the experts at TherapyChat point out that while it’s true that you don’t need to see a psychologist to deal with every little obstacle in your daily life, you don’t have to be on the verge of collapse to seek the services of a professional . “If you feel like you are unable to manage the stress and emotional burden you carry on your shoulders, go to therapy, where you will not only find the resources you need to solve your problems, but you will come out stronger and you will have more concepts to know how to face the adversities that will come,” they claim.

On the occasion of the celebration of world mental health day (October 10) Psychology experts spread the importance of normalization and caring for emotional well-being through various initiatives (workshops, conferences, meetings…) and communications in their social networks.

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