North Korea fired another missile into the Sea of ​​Japan on Saturday

Amid rising tensions in Asia due to North Korea’s recent missile launches, accelerated resumption of its military exercises, and which provoked the reaction and joint statement of South Korea, the United States, the United States and Japan, a new scenario was presented that raised the temperature in the area after a new military exercise by Pyongyang was reported, which amounted to another ballistic launch towards the Sea of ​​Japan.

According to international media, this launch, carried out as night falls in this area of ​​the planet, responded to “unspecified ballistic missile”, which took a dangerous direction towards Japan, a country which in recent days and due to such a military exercise, must have activated its alarms, unleashing panic in its inhabitants.

The news of this new North Korean military exercise was released by South Korean authorities in Seoul, noting that the number reached seven provocative actions in just two weeks.

This new launch could be seen as another advance in the deterrence struggle between North Korea and the United States, after Washington ordered the deployment of the most powerful of its aircraft carriers in this area of ​​the Pacific Ocean to is strengthening its presence in the Indo-Asian region.

The vessel deployed by the United States refers to the shipment of its aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, whose course began just a few days ago, and which refers to a military action by which the United States responded to the launch of a missile that flew over Japanese airspace .

For its part, North Korea, according to international media reports, has acknowledged that these new military exercises meet a deterrent and self-defense measureagainst the actions the US is taking in the region.

This situation, in the light of experts, contributes to global tensions, which have also been increased by recent events arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and global actions to responded to Russia after the announcement a week ago of the official annexation of four Ukrainian provinces to its territory.

So far after South Korean intelligence revealed the new North Korean military exercise, no response received from the White House, however, this is expected to be able to be presented within the remainder of the day.

So far, the last launch conducted by North Korea was recorded on October 6when a military exercise involves two of these powerful weapons.

In the same sense, there was another military exercise recently October 4, when a rocket flew over the territory of Japan and led to the activation of alarms that forced the evacuation of several buildingssince the radars of Japan’s anti-missile system were activated.

Although North Korea’s dangerous military drills are recurring, those conducted in recent days have caused particular tension for some of the neighboring countries and the United States due to their characteristics and the frequency with which they are conducted.

After the publications made in recent days, an official statement of The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), who last Friday condemned the military exercises in Pyongyang, warning that they also pose risky scenarios for civil aviation flights that pass through the area.

From North Korea, its leader, Kim Jong Un has declared that his country is a nuclear power and that the process is irreversiblethereby closing the door on possible international efforts aimed at denuclearization, such as those undertaken years ago when former President Donald Trump presided over the fortunes of the United States.

In this sense, in addition to the military actions taken by the USA, this country has also chosen measures of soft power, such as those seeking to limit trade and fuel supplies to North Korea by announcing measures against companies and individuals who conduct such transactions with that country.

*With information from AFP

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