Juaneda Inca, comprehensive specialist center, with general medicine, physiotherapy, radiology

Juaneda Inca is a private medical center in the capital of Es Raiguer that offers specialized care and general medicine as well as clinical analysis, radiology and physiotherapy for the entire central and northern region of Mallorca. The dr Tomeu Munnarone of Juaneda Inca’s physicians, analyzes the importance of the medical center:

“The number of specialties we offer stands out, but so does the quality of the specialists who consult at Juaneda Inca.” Examples of this could be Dr Joan Benjamurologist, professor and academician (inquero, in addition), the Dr. Santiago Tofeendocrinologist, or Drs. Joan Torres and Eric Canalscardiologists.

And all this without forgetting the important commitment that the center undertakes in offering its patients General Medicine, with the presence of doctors with great experience, such as Dr. Munar himself or doctors Antoni Mas and Vicente Badiaalong with the nurses who attend daily.

“Our patients appreciate,” says Dr. Munnar, “the variety of specialties we have at the center and the proximity that brings.” “Within the specialties – he adds – the “Pediatrics” service is very up-to-date, completely renewed and offers continuous care, from Monday to Friday.”

He also emphasizes “a Physiotherapy service, with great experience and recognition throughout the region, with a wide portfolio of services and treatments, some of which are unique in the area, as is the case with shock waves”, summarizes Dr. Munar regarding this proposal with a great impact on the population of Es Raiguer.

The radiology in Juaneda Inca “is equipped with qualified personnel and not only with conventional equipment, but also with ultrasound and mammography examinations (new and state-of-the-art machine) serving patients every working day of the week”, which avoids traveling to Palma for these diagnostic tests.


There was also a commitment to medical specialties such as Gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, general surgery, traumatology and dermatology, as well as ophthalmology, cardiology, rheumatology, pulmonology, allergology and digestive surgery. inside the center Juaneda Dental provides a modernized dental service.

All kinds of patients come – explains Dr. Munar. “In General Medicine we serve a large group, both from the local area and from the rest of the Island. Likewise, we also serve an important group of foreign patients, both residents and tourists, given the good location of the center,” points out.


A diverse and complete portfolio of services

The medical staff of the Juaneda Inca Center offers among its specialties Allergologywhich serve Dr. Alberto Daniel Escobar and Dr. Maria Fernanda Eguez. For the digestive system visit Dr. Eduardo Iyo Miyashino and for Cardiology Drs. Joan Torres Marquez and Eric Canales Cardenas.

The Dr. Javier Chuquiure is the head of the consultation on vascular surgery and Drs. Antonia Crespi and Carlos Ruiz Lozano, in general surgery. dr Francisca Mestre Bauza offers his services as a dermatologist, with Dr. Neus Coll Puigserver. Endocrinologist Dr. Santiago Tofe Povedano is another member of the Juaneda Inca.

Gynecology is attended at this private medical center by Drs. Magdalena Gelabert Negre, Anna Torrent Colomer and Raquel Garrido Cácerasas well as Dr. Enrique García Márquez and for him Dr. Julio Roberto Velasquez Diazwhich gives an idea of ​​the scope of this service from this specialist centre.

General medicine is attended by Dr. Tomeu Munnar Pons, well known in the area and for his activity for years as a sports doctor and member of RCD Mallorca and other sports clubs on the island, accompanied by Dr. Antoni Mas Segui and Vicente Badia Serrano, doctors of great experience.

The Juaneda Inca Center has a pulmonologist dr Beatrice Gill Marin; with two neurologists, on Dr. Guillermo Amer Ferrer and Dr. Natalia Giraldo Restrepo; with an otolaryngologist, at Dr. Ana Araujo da Costa and his colleague, also an ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Fabian Garcia Velasco.


For the little ones, Pas a Pas (child development) Psychology, Speech therapy and early attention. Pediatrics they are responsible for Dr. Adolfo Ortega (open on weekdays from 09:00 to 20:00), has pediatricians Drs. Mustafa Al-Helwani, Eddie Morales, Pedro Alberti, Mariano Bujosa, Queen Isabel Lado and Patricia Riesco.

Other services in this area are those of Dr. Immaculate Moreo Miradolescent health expert and psychologist Villa Sonia. Juaneda Inca’s medical staff also has the services of a rheumatology specialist Dr. Claudia Murillo Romero and the rheumatologist Dr. Jose Quiñones Torres.

The trauma specialty is attended at Juaneda Inca by doctors Carlos Hidalgo Martin and Pierluigi Di Felice Ardente. Urology comes from Dr. Joan Benejam Gual and Dr. Jaime Pons Viverall completed by a team of high class specialists at this private medical center in Mallorca.

Physiotherapy is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00. The retrieval service, also from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 10:00. Radiological examinations (conventional X-rays, mammography and orthopantomography) are performed Monday to Friday by appointment, and ultrasounds on Wednesday afternoons also by appointment.

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