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Former Miss Magdalena 2014, Stephanie Orozco Amel, He died at the age of 28, according to relatives, due to a health complication he received during a medical intervention.

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His sudden death caused a shock Santa Marta and Department of Magdalena, as the young Samaria enjoyed widespread recognition for her modeling career and her work as a journalist and social communicator.

More than two months of fighting at the clinics

The version of his relatives states that Orozco Amel’s health problems began a little more than two months ago, after surgery performed at the Cehoca Clinic to remove some fibroids.

According to her cousin, Ever Orozco, in the procedure, the doctor would have omitted the patient’s history, which previously suffered from peritonitis and had to undergo surgery on his organs.

This operation should have been performed with great care, but we believe the doctor in charge made several mistakes and ended up perforating his bowel.

“This operation should have been carried out with great care, but we believe that the doctor in charge made several mistakes and ended with perforation of his bowel“said the relative.

From that point on, Stephanie Orozco began to become more complicated and was transferred to another health center to receive treatment for the crisis she was experiencing. However, his relatives decided sent him by small plane to the department of Antioquia so he was treated with the equipment that was needed because of the delicate diagnosis that the ex-queen showed.

In the clinic San Vicente de Fundacion in Rionegro All investigations and interventions for her stabilization have been carried out.

His death occurred on Thursday afternoon.

The social communicator waged a battle with death, in which at times he showed signs of recovery. However, in recent weeks she suffered a relapse that left her in critical condition.

Stephanie Orozco Amell was 28 years old.


Courtesy of the Orozco family

Her loved ones on social media asked for a prayer chain for the life of the former queen, they asked and remained optimistic for her recovery.

Unfortunately for him, doctors report that despite all efforts, Stephanie Orozco passed away this Thursday, October 7, in the afternoon.

The messages of pain and solidarity on social networks from relatives and friends of the young woman, who would have turned 29 on October 10, were not long in coming.

“Stephanie Orozco, my cell phone screen is full of my tears because you didn’t keep the promise you gave me when you said goodbye to me, this game was muddy my beautiful monkey, have a nice trip sister cousin” his cousin said , Ever Orozco.

On the wall of your Facebook accountthere are also many posts from loved ones expressing their sadness at the sudden departure of the young journalist.

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“What a terrible pain it is to know that he is gone, it fills my heart with sadness. May God give you eternal peace and comfort in your hearts for your family,” said Gloria Robles.

The Magdalene Beauty Committee He also spoke to send condolences to the parents, siblings and other family members of Stephanie Orozco Amell on his sensitive death.

It should be remembered that at that time the president of the National Committee of Beauty Raimundo Angulo confirmed at the reception for the queens that “Miss Magdalena will not come to the pageant this year because she is in poor health. We received a medical excuse and a certificate explaining his condition and his inability to participate in Cartagena. She was then forced out of the competition due to peritonitis which affected her.

Relatives are carrying out the procedures to transfer the body of the former queen to the city of Santa Marta. analyze in the same way the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the Cehoca Clinic.

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