Did Veronica Castro make small talk and ask girls for inappropriate photos?


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Mexico City.- Host and actress Veronica Castro, who will soon turn 70, has been targeted for allegedly inappropriate conversations with girls between the ages of 11 and 18 via Zoom during the pandemic, according to YouTube channel “En Shock,” a show hosted by Jorge Carbajal and content creator El Philip.

Faced with these accusations, the famous actress announced the closure of her account on Twitter, making it clear that she would not return to the social network until Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo Infante, a communicator who responded to the news, apologized that have disrespected her.

“Dear friends from this small window, I am very sorry to inform you that for the time being this Twitter is suspended until #jorgecarbajal and #gustavoadolfoinfante publicly apologize for their aggression, lies and lack of respect towards me,” Veronica Castro wrote.

For his part, the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante took advantage of the cameras of the Sale el Sol program to refer to this remark and, although he does not consider himself guilty of the recent scandal he is experiencing, he offered an apology to the mother of Cristian Castro.

“It is very clear to me that sometimes I talk too much and that I have a very big mouth and a very big muzzle and then I say things, perhaps inappropriate, in which case I should not take the blame, a responsibility that does not suit me, because since this the youtuber left, I said “he has not presented evidence, what he is doing seems disrespectful to me” and I spoke about him, I think he is weak and it is not good that I spoke So about Ms. Veronica Castro, this I said,” explained the journalist.

Immediately afterwards, Infante stated: “I criticized this person and Ms. Veronica Castro says she closes Twitter if I have to apologize for something I didn’t do, Vero, I offer you an apology, but I didn’t say and I don’t think that you have done absolutely nothing, I think it is from a crooked mind like that gentleman’s, one who does not understand things, but well, there are some excuses on my part that I ought not to give.

For his part, Jorge Carbajal only referred to the topic on his Instagram profile and after posting the screenshot of Castro’s message, he only wrote: “#bonitanoche I’m running now!! No, tomorrow is best!! #mequedeenshock #veronicacastro #escandalo #youtube #youtuber #love #happy #mexico #petlovers #blessed #avemaria”.

After Castro announced that he was withdrawing from Twitter until the journalist who broke the news offered him a public apology, the Ventaneando program has now revealed fragments of an alleged chat that the young women had without the knowledge of the famous host.

What did the conversations say?

The accusations arise because a clip was published where Veronica Castro appears talking to her fans through zoom.

Later in some footage presented on the show, one of the zoom members was seen allegedly pointing out that Castro had asked her for photos and a young woman named Tiara commented: “I can’t help but see her cleavage” next to a picture of Vero.

In another of the messages, Tiara herself claims to write: “I’ll get in the way of grandma and get her out if I’m with Yolanda and Ana Gabriel (sic).”

Likewise, other alleged messages from Tiara were also presented, saying the following: “I feel very hypocritical if I want to give it to myself”, “It’s weird to call her Veronica, but it’s worse to call her Grandma, that would be incest.

It was later shown how two other members of the chat room, Nat and Titi, apparently talked about what they secretly talked about Castro.

First, Nat allegedly says, “Grandma, seeing our chat, is having a heart attack, the web”; while Titi evidently replies, “Now requires vlv (sic)”; finally the former probably adds, “She’ll say, these girls want to do to me even what they don’t do.”

So far, Veronica has not commented on the subject, despite the fact that some of the videos of the conversations between the artist and the teenagers were also shown in the TV Azteca program, in which it was noticed that some of their mothers were aware. and even listened to the conversations between them.

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