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The Preventive medicine is the principal axis on which it sits Olympia Kironsalud, the health group’s new hub. Society’s vision of health has changed and patients have they don’t wait to get sick to go to the doctor. On this basis, the new Quirónsalud project was born, which opened its doors less than four months.

“We are not only treating the disease as we have done before, but We generate changes in life habits to people to have a healthy life and not get sick. It is important to take care of reach old age healthy and to be able to deal with certain pathologies,” explains Raul Barbosa, managing director of Olympia. “Before we used to say ‘when I’m sick, I go to the best doctor’, now it’s ‘I’m going to start accepting to take care of myself, so that I don’t get sick and don’t visit a doctor,” he adds.

To achieve this, Barbosa points out that “they changed paradigm of private medicine‘ because they offer services to patients ‘when and how they want’, have personalized treatments and offer support and supervision by professionals.

In this new building located in Torre Calido and made up of more than 12,000 square meters, has three centers: Sports Center, Lifestyle Center and Medical Center. In this sense, Olympia Quirónsalud offers full marks and medium and long-term programs. “The doctor-patient relationship is also changing, we understand that the patient is co-responsible and you need to make some profound changes in your life habits. These programs we offer are for six months and one year and we accompany the patient to achieve your goals– says Barbossa.

There are three centers in Olympia Quirónsalud: Sports Center, Lifestyle Center and Medical Center.

It has a 300-meter hall with state-of-the-art ID card-operated equipment.

Physiotherapists also have a place at Olympia Quirónsalud.

One center, all services

In the words of Raquel Orobio, Sales Director and Customer Experience of Olympia Quirónsalud, the definition of this new building could be: “One center with all services for prevention and optimization of health“. “We placed a multidisciplinary team at the service of the patient who wants to have a complete vision of his health, always within the framework of these three specified services”, he confirms.

First of all, in sport Centerthe professionals assess physical condition of each person to exercise in a healthy and controlled way in the hands of traumatologists, physiotherapists, psychologists or cardiologists, among others. In this space there is a gym on 300 square meters where professionals work with patients. As mentioned, exercise and sports They are part of the way to create healthy habits. Through a digital card, the machines recognize the user and collect all your datato have them available. In fact, one of Olympia’s goals is to “give all audiences access to services that are typically designed for elite athletes“.

While the district Lifestyle Center is focused on prevention and longevity. In this department, there are specialized units in gynecology, nutrition, neurology, prevention, longevity and integral medicine, men’s health and women’s health, dermatology or vacation management.

“At Lifestyle, we have neuroprevention, cardioprevention and a special examination unit. Our full reviews are tailored to people’s needs, theirs motivation, budget and time. They are organized so that they are done on the same day and the tests taken are taken,” explains Orobio. All these results will be available in App Olympia Quirónsalud.

On last place, Medical Center is the medical-surgical center as such with state-of-the-art operating rooms. In its corridors there are 68 high-definition consultation rooms, 25 examination and procedure rooms, 4 highly equipped operating theaters, 10 intensive care unit (URPA) boxes, 12 day surgery hospital boxes and 2 endoscopy rooms with equipment.

Olympia Quirónsalud opened its doors in June this year.

In the Lifestyle Center are the departments for neuroprevention, cardioprophylaxis and examinations.

Innovations and cutting-edge technologies

The innovation is one of the strengths on which it is based Olympia Kironsalud. Therefore, they have an operating room for major and minor outpatient surgery, the latest lasers or a cryotherapy chamber (for dermatological, rheumatological pathologies, exercise and restorative treatment…), among others. With this cutting-edge technology, “less severe operations for the patient and a faster and safer recovery”. The arrival of new equipment does not stop and, as Barbosa points out, they will soon receive a hyperbaric chamber.

They have also chosen to innovate in terms of patient experience and they have created the figure of the “health assistant”. It is an informative consultation where the patient and their health goals are known. They assign you a professional who will be the “coordinator of your journey” and who will recommend the most recommended services to achieve these motivations, adapting to budgets and everyone’s time.

Likewise, they have “got rid” of the name “waiting rooms” to remove the connotation that may be associated with it. “We want to change the concept of the hospital “the less you walk, the better”, but on the contrary, to favor people come to prevent and keep getting better,” he points out, while noting that 75 percent of the light is natural.

However, Olympia just started and they are still “testing the circuits”although they are “very happy” with these starting months, because even though it is summer, some of their main patients, the athletes, come to them, for prepare the preseason. “Our goals are to consolidate, continue to adapt to patients and have positive impact on your health“says the CEO.

The purpose of this Quirónsalud center is for people to come “to prevent disease and take care of themselves.”

The center has several rooms with private bathrooms where patients spend the post-operative period.

State-of-the-art operating theaters are located in the Medical Center section.

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