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The head of the metropolitan government, Claudia Sheinbaum presents his fourth government report to the local Congress, in accordance with Article 32 from the Constitution.

The employee arrived at the premises approx 9:30 in the morning and took a few minutes to interact with his supporters.

The local president indicated that the report was delivered in a timely manner to Congress on September 1.

“We are about to reach four years of service to the people of the city and we have done it with dedication, commitment, responsibility, honesty, transparency, austerity and proximity. Our principles and way of governance are anchored in the fourth transformation, we govern with republican austerity to ensure that all public resources are invested in the welfare of the people, with honesty results,” he said.

In four years, he pointed out, they released approx 80 billion pesos for public works and social programs, without tax increases and with less indebtedness.

He said that the responsible management of Public finances gave the organization the highest rating from various international agencies, such as HR Ratings, placing them as the best-rated sub-national government in Latin America. He pointed out that Diercata foreign investment (FDI) reached an all-time high and represents 34 percent of EID from all over the country, with an increase to 7 percent.

Outstanding Achievement in Health and Safety / Jesus Quintanar

He explained that they were completely rebuilt 80 percent of childcare centers and by law they moved from nurseries to part of the early education system. An investment of more than 2 billion pesos on matters of education.

In the enclosure are Citlalli Hernández; Brown Senator; Francisco Quigil, Mayor of Gustavo Madero; Giovanni Gutierrez, Mayor of Coyoacan; Rosa Isela Rodriguez, Secretary of Security and protection of citizensClara Brugada, Mayor of Iztapalapa; Christian von Roerich, coordinator of the National Action Party (PAN) parliamentary group; Mario Delgado, president of Morena; by the way.

Also Government Secretary Marty Batres; Rosaura Ruiz GutierrezSecretary for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation and other members of his Cabinet.

supporters of the local president went to the place around 6 in the morning and installed them on Calle de Donceles.

with banners, pompomsballoons and horn, attendees danced to songs from sonic dynamiteon The hooksG Men and Mana.

The women who were the most “lively” organized the famous “waves” and threw themselves into the “perreo”.

Thanks to this report streets like Donceles, Allende, República de Chile and Republic of Cuba.

Metal fences have been installed and there are elements from the secretariat of Security of citizens.

A screen was installed outside the legislative chamber to view the report.

Between resultsScheinbaum Pardo emphasized that public education is the heart of his project, for which one million 200 thousand students of primary public schools receive the support “Wellbeing for girls and boys. My Commencement Scholarship’, which has a four-year budget increase, on 70 percent.

In Iztapalapa, he struggles with uncertainty

The mayor of Iztapalapa, Clara Brugadaarrived at the Congress of Mexico City, emphasized that during his term there was a fight against inequalities, which helped to reduce 50 percent the criminal phenomenon in Mexico City.

In an interview before entering the Donceles complex, the local president indicated that since then 2018various issues were addressed, especially mobility, which in Iztapalapa bore fruit with the installation of Cablebús L2 and Elevated trolleybus.

“Inequalities were overcome and security dropped by 50 percent in the city, and that’s very important, and issues like mobility were addressed, today we have mobility in some areas in a sustainable way that we would never have imagined before,” he expressed.

At its entrance, the head of the government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, spoke and took a photo with the Morena/Leonardo Lugo parliamentary group
At its entrance, the head of the government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, spoke and took a photo with the Morena/Leonardo Lugo parliamentary group

Given the criticism received from head of government Due to the tours she makes in different states of the country, the mayor of Iztapalapa mentioned that “it is her right” because has not overlooked Mexico Cityor.

“On Sundays which are holidays and she goes to visit other places, that is her right, she does not neglect the City, we have a head of government who has not neglected any of the problems and has taken care of them as much as possible,” he said .

MPs want more communication

The coordinator of the parliamentary group of BREAD in the Congress of Mexico City, Christian von Roerichindicated that the head of the government Claudia Sheinbaum should listen to all the banks of the legislative chamber during the polishing of her 4th government report.

She also asked for her and her office have more communication with MPs and opposition mayors, since “it must be said that it was very difficult or almost impossible for us to be able to have a dialogue with the various instances or representatives of the city administration, because there are many problems that we have pending and it will not be with political confrontationwith divisions.

Civil movement criticizes security in report

The MP from Civil Movement, Royfid Torrescriticized the security and mobility program in Mexico City, within the government report, stressing that it did not present various issues.

During his tenure, the legislator of Civil Parliamentary Associationexplained that murders have increased in recent years.

“There are more killings in the security sector than under the three previous governments, there is an increase of more than 50 percent in sexual violence and killings of women. And even with these numbers, you applaud the militarization of the country, knowing that women suffer the worst consequences,” he commented.

Royfid Torres during his speech in Congress/Special
Royfid Torres during his speech in Congress/Special

He regretted that, in terms of mobility, so far there is no one to blame for the collapse in line 12although there already is developed opinionwhich indicates defects of origin.

“For example, in terms of mobility, public transport has been left behind. The tragedy on line 12 happened more than a year ago and there is no one to blame. They insist the causes are ‘initial failures’ but the report you contracted also talks about maintenance failures,” he said.

Brunette showing approval

Morena’s parliamentary group in Congress of Mexico City supported the head of government. Coordinator Marta Avila assured that “we have the absolute certainty that we will continue to make history because it is time for women” facing 2024.

Before the plenary session, the brunette focused on the work of the capital president in the last year, pointing out that he works and promotes cultural change, with civic pedagogy against classinesson racism and on discrimination.

“Hand in hand with our President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and with you at the helm to face the new challenges that the nation imposes, we are absolutely certain that we will continue to make history because it is time for women,” she commented.

He pointed out that the officer has undertaken a citizen security plan which through salary increase and on training of the police made the greatest efforts to combat the root causes of insecurity, in addition to promoting the search for peace and tranquility for the families of Mexico City.

He further pointed out that with regard to Helloperformed exceptional pandemic management by covid-19as he said he provided beds for those in need, helped with vaccinations and, despite adversity, expanded hospital infrastructure.

At the end of his speech, some of those present at the Metropolitan Congress cheered for


of the official.


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