The alleged chat with girls and the other controversies of the actress

Veronica Castro She is one of the most loved actresses on television in Mexico, along with the success and acclaim she has received, the presenter has also had to deal with scandal and controversies ranging from her son’s father, the late comedian “Loco”. Valdes, to his romance with Omar Fierro and his alleged love affair with Yolanda Andrade.

For several days, the name of Veronica Castro has been called into question by the YouTube channel “En Shock”, where it is alleged that she shared inappropriate conversations and photos with girls from 11 to 18 years old during virtual meetings in the pandemic.

Castro decided to retire from Twitter considering that both YouTuber Jorge Carbajal and communicator Gustavo Adolfo Infante insulted her by talking about what was posted on the said YouTube channel.

“Dear friends from this small window, I am very sorry to inform you that this Twitter has been suspended for the time being until Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo Infante publicly apologize for their attacks, lies and disrespect towards me,” your message read.

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Gustavo Adolfo Infante has already spoken about it, and the members of the said group of fans, as well as some parents of the young women, assure that Veronica Castro never harassed them or exchanged inappropriate conversations or pictures with her; They assured that things were taken out of context and probably a former participant in this chat would leak and distort information that discredits the actress.

In addition to this controversy, which prompted the driver to temporarily shut down her Twitter account, she has faced other controversies in the past.

His extramarital affair with “El Loco” Valdés

Castro recently spoke openly with Patty Chapoy about the fatherhood of his son Christian Castro, and although it was a beautiful stage in his life, he admitted that Christian was the result of a relationship with a married man, comedian Manuel “El Loco” Valdes.

He said he apologized to the comedian’s last wife at the time because she didn’t know Manuel was married.

“(I told her) Ma’am, excuse me, I didn’t know (Manuel) was still married to you.” “No,” he told me, “we were no longer together, don’t worry, Veronica.” The last thing that “All I want in life is to hurt a woman, because the last thing I want is for them to hurt me,” he admitted.

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their romances

Omar Fierro and Adolfo Ángel were two of the most famous novels of the actress, with Fierro she starred in the 1990 telenovela My Little Solitude; Omar said in interviews that he was very much in love with her, that it was one of the moments when he felt most in love.

Adolfo Ángel, a member of Los Temerarios, was Vero’s romantic partner and is said to be behind the song “La mujer que yo soñe” that the so-called older daredevil sang to him live on his “Mala noche” program.

Big Brother elephant disaster

Veronica Castro was about to fall off the elephant that knocked her down the catwalk in 2004 on “Big Brother VIP.” The reed-skin lifted more than intended, the tamers running after him, while the driver, without losing style, continued his speech.

The fear was so great that on air Veronica admitted to the public: “I’m scared as hell, very nervous because I was going to fall, he was more nervous than me.”

This sudden movement had consequences for her health, she seriously injured her neck, thigh and foot, she had to be operated on.

Televisa’s veto

Castro, who had a heyday with his lead roles in telenovelas on Televisa and his program Mala noche, experienced a veto from the company when he went to Argentina to make the telenovela Veronica, the face of love.

She was banned for five years as “punishment” for leaving, but she recently said things with Emilio Azcárraga Milmo were fixed and she returned to work at the company.

Her hasty exit from “The Successful Perez” because she didn’t like the story and her refusal to participate in the second part of the Netflix series “La casa de las flores” were also issues that put her at the center of debate at the time.


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