Pretended to be a teenager, mother and sister to harass girls | A chilling case of Grooming in the interior of Catamarca

A 35 year old subject accused of using a fake Instagram profile and assume different personas to sexually harass and stalk girls and teenagers from Saint Joseph of Santa Mariais held under the figure of “preventive prison”in what it is the first recorded case of shearing in this department.

The specialists engaged in the case Cyber ​​Crime Unit from the Provincial Police Forensic Investigations Unit, in dialogue Catamaran/12 They were surprised by vicious course of action committed by the sexual predator, as the person with the surname Rioja, not only He pretended to be a teenager “carilindo”. called Alejandro Reynosi on Instagram, but spoke to his victims posing as the sister and also the mother of the non-existent youth.

The same sources indicated that when they raided the house of the suspect who was reported by the parents of two minors last month (between 12 and 14 years old)police found multiple tests and an agenda in which there were many names and contacts of boys and girls of the small town, to which he added a description of each of them and even their movements, with the times and places they frequented.

The subject reportedly watched the victims for hours and succeeded create emotional connections with some of them, who considered him to be “virtual boyfriend”. With the help of this trick, he was able to make the teenagers sent him photos with a highly sexual content, with which he then blackmailed them to obtain more material of a sexual nature which It is not yet known if he shared with other people.

Although so far it was not possible to confirm whether he had approached physically for some of these girls, the evidence indicates that Rioja asked them about their classmates in this way as well he had access to more contacts that he added to his address book.

Specialists indicated that this is the case extremely complicated about the manipulation the man exerted on the girlsas they were sometimes associated with assurance as “Alejandro’s” sister and tells them that they will tell him about something that same sexual predator noticed in his constant surveillance of the victims. On other occasions, she claimed to be “Alejandro’s” mother, a situation which gave more credibility to the existence of the fake “boyfriend”.

Another action that drew attention within the investigation was this the subject’s alleged sister and mother (that is, himself) also contacted relatives of the minors of age, presumably to know what knowledge they have of the relationship and whether it is about to be revealed, though It can also be a “disease” of the subject.


During the performed checks in Rioja’s house was stolen material for the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, which he himself would achieve by manipulating the victims of San Josecity ​​with no more than 8 thousand inhabitants, in addition to material that would have been obtained in other ways. According to speculation, there were several girls who fell for his game, although in any case the investigations believe that it is possible that there are more people who would be deceived with this modality.

In the subject’s home six chips from different cell phone companies were found, memory cards with pornographic material involving very young minors and one extensive agenda for girls in which there were reviews of the places they visit, their schedules and physical characteristics.

“We are in the presence of a man who caused a lot of damage in the city, a cruel sexual predator it did not, to our knowledge, reach the physical approach of the girls, but we believe it was not far from that,” the sources said, while noting that it was a person highly intelligent and tech and social media savvyalthough he survives as a day laborer, i.e. any activity related to technology.

Considering the seriousness of the case, The District Attorney’s Office of the Fourth Judicial District, based in Santa Maria, intervened in the Complex Criminal and Organized Crime Legal Assistance Division of the nation’s Supreme Court.

While Rioja remains preventively behind bars, the investigation continues and evidence is collected that surprises police officers and court personnel who intervene due to the extent of the manipulation that the subject also used his vicious course of action.


It is important to note that haircut is the intentional act of an adult, whether male or female, sexual harassment of a girl, boy or adolescent through a digital medium that enables interaction between two or more people, such as social networking, email, text messaging, instant messaging applications, chat sites, or online games.

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